Danube River Cruises – A Good Choice for Families?


The scenic Danube River runs through 10 European nations, including Bulgaria. This majestic river stretches 1,780 miles. River cruises of the Danube typically feature stops in some vibrant and beautiful cities, including Cologne and Bucharest. If you're looking for a family holiday idea, you may want to take the kids along on a Danube river cruise. Once you discover the pros and cons of Danube river cruises, you'll be ready to decide if this type of getaway is right for you and your family.

These cruises are educational

Danube river cruises are ideal choices for Bulgarian families. These cruises allow them to get away from it all, without going too far off the beaten track. With a river cruise of the Danube, kids will see so many new sights. They'll learn so much about Europe and its key attractions and heritage.

Itineraries vary, but it's possible to show your kids history and beauty no matter which cruise ship you choose. Some Danube river cruises includes stays in Bucharest. Romania's capital city is considered Eastern Europe's Paris equivalent. The city is filled with exciting and educational landmarks that bring history to life for children, including the Arc de Triomphe, which was constructed to honor World War I soldiers.

Cruises may not be good options for kids under age five

Kids under the age of five may get restless on a Danube river cruise. They may not be ready to enjoy cruise life. On the flip side, kids who are 5 years of age or older are in school and learning about the world around them. They will probably really enjoy these cruises. So, if you have young kids, consider waiting until your kids are a little older to take them on a picturesque cruise of this mighty river. If you decide to take a cruise with children under the age of 5, careful preparation and research will help you to keep your young kids happy onboard (and boost safety).

You'll need to keep the kids safe and sound

To ensure that your kids (young and older) will be safe and sound at ports of call and on the cruise ship itself, do some homework. Learn about each country that you'll be visiting. This will help you to pack smart, with safety in mind. Also, educate yourself about cruise ship safety guidelines for children.

Another tip is to learn about the amenities offered on preferred cruise ships, before you book. Do cruise ships on your short list offer family-friendly activities, babysitting services and kid-friendly food and drink? The more child-friendly amenities, the better. Some cruises are geared at families. Others have an adults-only vibe. Look around for a cruise line (and specific cruise ship) that offers a plethora of kid-friendly amenities.

Provided your kids are old enough to enjoy family cruises of the Danube River, booking one of these cruises will be a great idea for family fun. The benefits will outweigh the drawbacks. Cruises are educational experiences for kids aged five and up, and they are also enjoyable for adults! Paying attention to safety and packing smart will help you and the kids to get the most out of a Danube river cruise.

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