Independent gemological laboratories grade the quality of diamonds, and one of the most popular is the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Ensure the diamond you are buying is certified by GIA or AGS because they have one of the highest grading standards. If you are shopping or browsing for a diamond for the first time, it may be a little stressful. However, you will quickly learn how a diamond price per carat calculator can give you the gem's approximate value. And we will also teach you how you can save money and get your fiancée that diamond engagement ring:


Current 2020 diamond pricing

The cost of a diamond is defined by the weight of the carat and not the size. As they become heavy, their prices exponentially increase. If you go online, you can get a diamond price per carat calculator to get an idea of what you will pat with to own that dazzling gem. However, other elements, such as color, cut, and clarity, contribute to a diamond's cost. That means all the 4Cs will apply to give the final price of the diamond.

Some of the magic numbers to look out for include 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0. Despite the slight difference in numbers, the price might be jaw-dropping. A diamond that is internally flawless, colorless, and has an excellent cut, will cost a lot higher than one without all these features. However, the quality of the stone will be the same.


Even as we look at how you can skimp the 4Cs to get an affordable diamond, you should never compromise the stone's cut. It is what makes a diamond sparkle. Although this will add up a diamond's price, you would rather skimp on the other Cs but not the cut.


The less color a diamond has, the more value it gets. Those that prefer a whiter diamond will go for G and below, while those who don't mind warmer colors and want to save some decent bucks should choose an I or J. The highest and most expensive is D, or colorless.


Most clients prefer larger diamonds, which are likely to show any flaws due to their size. Diamonds that are flawless and eye-clean will attract more amounts. But since most of the marks can be minuscule and spotted using a 10x magnification, you can ignore the flawless and VVS and do fine with either a VVS1or VVS2 (small inclusions not visible with the naked eye).

One of the best options for a person looking for a diamond with a tight budget is choosing a VS2 clarity, and maybe a color H if you are buying in the stores. But please first use a diamond price per carat calculator before you start shopping.

Tips on getting the valuable diamond for less

Diamond's shape

Unlike the round-shaped diamond that is relatively pricier, you can choose fancier or other shapes since they cost much cheaper, between 20-40 percent less-choose a smaller size, which should cost you much less than the bigger size. These are also trendy and will look unique to the wearer.

Go for fewer carats

People cannot tell the difference of carats you are wearing unless they are experts or take a closer look. You can wear a diamond ring with less than 2 carats, and no one will know. Although the minimal difference can be 1.9 to 2, the price can be 25percent less.

In Conclusion, now you know how to get the best bling for your bucks using the 4Cs ideas shared here. You can avoid overpaying or getting a rip-off by using a diamond price per carat calculator. Save some cash on color and clarity since you only need an eye-clean diamond without those flaws that are invisible unless someone uses magnification.