Vivid Sydney, Australia's coolest winter fest, is expected to make its huge comeback in August 2021. The festival has become a major tradition in the city that has three clear offerings: Lights, music and performances and ideas. The event, which is held over a period of 23 nights, is a great inspiration to artists' communities from near and far. This year, we can expect a lot more vibrant festival experience in Sydney. And now, as we await its arrival in August, let's take a look at some amazing facts about Vivid Sydney.

Vivid Sydney, in entirety, is more than just art as it fuses technology and forward-thinking with every art installation at the festival. During the festival, Sydney is divided into many Vivid precincts that showcase a breathtaking line of art installations by renowned artists. Some of the famous precincts are Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour, Taronga zoo, Luna Park, Hickson Road Reserve, and more. The iconic 3D light displays at the Opera House and the illuminated Sydney Harbour Bridge are major draw cards about Vivid Sydney at the harbour and you can witness these amazing structures by getting on board one of the luxury Vivid Sydney cruises. These cruises are a great way to cover the harbourside installations and lights at one go. Decent Vivid cruise deals include a special dinner with prime views of the festival attractions. Get on board the popular glass boat dinner cruise on the harbour for a memorable Vivid Sydney cruise experience. Other unique ways to see the harbour views during the festival are climbing the Harbour Bridge or going on a Vivid Lights Walk.

Alongside Vivid Lights, there are three other equally intriguing elements about the festival: Vivid Ideas, Vivid School and Vivid Music. What makes you feel proud to be attending the festival is that it is a big leap towards inciting sustainable notions in people through the best creative media. Vivid Sydney is the largest festival of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and it continues to be a bucket-listed item for most Australians to this day! All lighting installations at Vivid Sydney are powered by green energy that is sourced from regional NSW. This is the greatest step towards sustainability so far. Some other sustainable initiatives include the purchase of verified carbon offsets, making use of efficient LED technologies, promotion of public transport, minimisation of waste, social inclusion and electronic ticketing. The festival also has a universal appeal to ensure the social inclusion factor. Also, if you think the festival is only for the art-loving community, an actual experience of Vivid Sydney will make you rethink. The festival offers many programs for school children and parents including Vivid School that allows the kids to meet the artist behind the scenes in person. This is a perfect opportunity for the future generation to be inspired by the avant-garde notions and futuristic ideas. On the contrary, if you're an ardent art-lover, the festival is sure to sweep you off your feet! Attend the Vivid Ideas Talks to listen to some of the most groundbreaking public talks delivered by brilliant spokespeople, innovators and creators.

Vivid Sydney recently received international recognition at the International Festivals & Events (IFEA) and has received many awards for being the best kind of tourism event in Australia. By default, there is no fee collected from the public to see most of the installations except for attending Vivid Talks, Vivid Music and shows at Taronga Zoo. Some of the best vantage points at vivid Sydney are the rocks, Darling Harbour, Sydney Opera House, Bradfield Park, Lavender Bay, Luna Park and on the harbour itself.