Goa is an Indian state, located in the country's western coastline. It is a popular holiday destination as it is home to most popular Indian beaches, hotels, restaurants, adventure activities, and some other tourist attractions. Buy your New Delhi to Goa train ticket today and get going for a vacation of your lifetime.

The three words that fit perfectly with Goa are sensuous, warm and enticing. Individuals from the planet come here to walk through the wonderful coconut trees, the shores that are mesmerizing, the gleaming waterways as well as the pristine oceans. Thus, whether you are planning a leisure trip or your honeymoon, Goa is the greatest vacation place. The wonderful combination of nature, hospitality, and modern day luxuries today make Goa the ultimate beach destination in India. As you make plans and arrangements for your Goa vacation, quickly make reservations in a New Delhi to Goa train and get going for a wonderful vacation.

It contains two districts - North and South Goa and has an expanse of about 3,700 sq. km. In fact, it is the smallest state on Indian mainland. In addition, its many little hamlets, each with its exceptional beauty and features. The climate is nice and somewhat dry during summer. Other than that it remains pleasant throughout the year.

Bask in the exotic shores

Beautiful landscapes, enchanting beaches, towns that are vibrant, and lip smacking dishes - a trip to the enchanting shores of Goa is a treat for mind, body and spirit. Excellently linked via air, train and highway system, Goa can be quickly reached from every corner in the globe.

Blue sea, white sands and hillocks would be the elemental characteristics, which make Goa a world class vacation destination. The complete attractiveness of its own shore that is speckled, satisfies character and the taste of each tourist. Drinks, high-volume music, dancing, stage- exotic dishes and shows go with all the fairs.

Dona Paula

It is among the busiest and happening Goa beaches. Folks from all around the globe flock here to relish water sports and amazing scenarios. Exotic settings make this beach the very best place for enjoying vacations in tranquil and picturesque environment. The area can also be perfect for water sports activities like water-skiing, water scooting, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, and parasailing.


An excellent network of road, rail and flight connects Goa with the rest of the country. You'll find lots of state-run buses that link Goa to the important Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Mangalore, Bangalore, and Chennai. Train is the most effective choice in the event you are traveling on a constrained budget. Plus, it is much more convenient than the usual road trip. The Goa airport has 2 terminal areas and spreads over 688 hectares. Domestic flights arrive at the first one, whereas the second one caters to the international flights. Every year there is a large count of tourists from Delhi visiting Goa. The Delhiites see Goa as the perfect place to unwind, let loose, and spend a vacation like they never had spend any before. It is the young Delhiites who throng to Goa in large swarms. It is best that you find out the Delhi to Goa train ticket price and make reservation well in advance. The more late you are, the difficult it gets to reserve a ticket that you desire.

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