How to maintain a good General Health

As the worlds getting advanced and urbanized, our lifestyle is consistently changing. It is said that people used to live longer then than now. There are numerous factors that can be attributed to this unwanted change and all relate to our health. One of the biggest reasons—only to name one for now—is overweight or obesity. And over that people start taking weight loss drugs to deal with. Now I am not saying it is not safe, but it may react differently in different people and also depends on how you take it.

Health can be described as physical and mental wellbeing. It is not only a disorder or disease being absent but also your immune ability to restore your health from illness and issues. In this article, we will discuss some basic steps you can take to maintain good health.


Now, most of the health conditions—if not genetic—are related to either sedentary lifestyle or healthy consumptions, apart from others. Life void of exercise makes you more prone to health issues. Now, the body is like a machine, say your motorcycle, which when not used for a long time can cause it to rust. To cut it short, you should involve in physical activity at least thrice a week. Take up cardio exercises, dance, indulge in sports, hit the gym, jog and more. This will also keep you in good shape and low weight, you will not need to take weight loss drugs if you have a habit of physical activity.

Good Mind:

Bad health is also when your state of mind is hindered. Now, in the advanced world with demanding corporate sector that wants to you stretch and work harder, your mental state is getting affected. Yes, I am talking about stress. It is recorded that stress can be the reason behind numerous health condition, physical as well as mental. Apart from stress, there are other environmental, familial, and personal factors that lead to various psychological disturbances. So how to ensure good mental state? The answer to this is two-fold. First, that connects to the previous solution, exercising. Exercising helps in maintaining a good body and release happy hormones which makes you feel better. Good blood circulation to brain ensures a healthy mental state. You can confirmedly ensure good mental state by making meditation a habit.

Eating Healthy:

What you eat is what you are. The food today is hybrid and artificially grown. It is deprived of its nutrient and the body does not a good supply of necessary nutrition. Now you do not have much control over what is grown in the farm, but you have control over how much you consume and what you consume. Using simple foods is the best option. You should not mix too many things in your food as it makes it complex for the body to digest. Also, you should eat a smaller portion of food. Supplementing good food with good exercise will ensure good weight naturally and you do not have to take weight loss drugs.

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Monday, 21 October 2019

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