Erectile Dysfunction at Age 50 - Causes and Treatment Options

The inability to achieve an erection is a common problem found in most of the men. The dissatisfaction in bed makes them frustrated and embarrassed. Erectile dysfunction at age 50 is more common as older the man is, more he gets clutched into diseases which also impact the sexual life.

Though it's not necessary to have ED issues at or over the age of 50, the problem is more among men over 50 because of numerous reasons. Let us gauge here what causes erectile dysfunction at age 50 and what ED treatment is available at their disposal. Have a look!

What does lead to erectile dysfunction in 50's?

The reasons might be innumerable. The primary reason is the hardening of arteries or atherosclerosis. The arteries lining start getting less flexible as the man grows in age. It means blood doesn't get the flow down in the required way, which causes impotence quickly.

The reduced blood flow is another reason for strokes or heart attacks. So, reasons might be,

  • Reduced blood flow
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Decreasing testosterone levels

But just unbalanced and slow blood flow to man organ, low testosterone levels or age factor can't be alone the causes leading to ED. The concerned specialist will do psychological and physical tests to determine the exact issue. Once the reason is specified, it becomes easy to apply the required treatment for a healthier life ahead.

Does ED link to heart problems?

To gauge is it linked to and causes heart diseases, a study was conducted by AMA (American Medical Association) in 2005 wherein the results clearly manifested its relation. It was then declared that the man who had ED issues could be at significant risk of heart or cardiac problems.

Also, the rising age is another reason for ED as it doubles up the cardiovascular disease risks invariably.

Is it inevitable to have erectile dysfunction at 50?

The normal psychology of people is that they will undoubtedly go through erectile dysfunction at age 50. However, this is not inevitable. Studies show that just because of your age, it doesn't mean that the concerned person will get affected by ED for sure. Yes, ED is quite common in old age men, but the quantity is even less than half in which it develops.

So, it's often associated with age, but that doesn't mean if you are over 50, then inevitably you will face this issue.

Can it be prevented in advance?

Yes. It's possible to prevent erectile dysfunction at age 50 by using some precautions in advance. Lifestyle changes can help a ton and will save you from this issue in the future, even after age 50. Just follow these!

  • Regular exercise
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Quit smoking and alcohol
  • Take a healthy diet and maintain your weight
  • Avoid drugs with side effects
  • Monitor and control blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

How many ED treatments are available?

A plethora of ED treatments are available from ED drugs to surgical options, and you can surely choose the one that suits you best in all regards. If medical history is clean and not much severe, then these options can be adopted at any age:

However, instead of going for surgical treatments, it's good to favor oral options, i.e., ED medications. These help in fulfilling the need by helping in maintaining an erection at any age you want.

Is it necessary to meet the specialist?

Of course, it is essential to have words with a specialist. ED treatments are numerous, and innumerable ED medications are also available but which one will best suit to you as per your medical history is necessary to be known. Only an expert can clear you out your current position and recommend the best treatment for you.


As already mentioned, the rising age doesn't mean you will definitely have ED issues. But yes, if you don't take your health on priority and don't follow a healthy lifestyle then surely, it could happen. The need is to get necessary treatment besides taking care of your lifestyle. It's never a high time! You can surely get it treated with reliable remedies available. Good luck! 

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Monday, 18 November 2019

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