Erectile Dysfunction Exercises That Treat ED

As we age, the inability to perform tasks and losing energy are common symptoms found in most of the men. One amidst those is erectile dysfunction, which is an ever-rising problem commonly affecting most of the men. Though growing age is not the sole reason, a plethora of causes can result in this issue of impotence. Roughly, about 70-75% of men get affected by it and are suffering from this issue.

Treatments are numerous, surgeries, injections, subsuming pills, such as, Cialis 60mg (Tadalafil) many more. However, all these carry side effects and other related health issues. So, in that case, erectile dysfunction exercises can play a perfect role in naturally treating it.

Things to Know While Doing Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

  • Don't do exercises rigorously. Perform it for maximum three to four times and not more than that in the entire day.
  • Daily exercise is necessary. Don't keep a gap of even a single day.
  • Stopping exercise might result in weakened muscles, and even ED problems may arise again. So, never stop it!
  • Now go through the safe exercises to treat impotence right away!

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are considered as the most effective ones. Here's the way to do it!

  • Squeeze pelvic floor muscles.
  • Hold it for at least five minutes and then relax. Your purpose is to stop the stream in urination middle.
  • Do it two to three times per day and do it for 10 or 20 times every time you do.
  • Relax for some time after every five Kegels.
  • Try it by sitting on a chair, lying down on knees, standing, or in any other position.
  • Don't push buttocks, stomach, muscles, or hold the breath.
  • One another way might also be helpful. For this, squeeze anus muscles just as holding the bowel moment. Press it for about 5-10 minutes and then relax down.

At very first, it might be possible that you wouldn't be able to finish even ten Kegels. But don't worry as it is fine. Start with fewer Kegels and then increase it to this level.

Here are the benefits you will enjoy by doing this exercise!

  • After urination, stoppage on dribbling.
  • Reduce bowel or urinary incontinence.
  • Improvement in sexual experience.

Aerobic Exercises

Besides kegel exercises, another version is aerobic exercises to help beat erectile dysfunction. Usually, the problem of impotence arises because of unbalanced or low blood flow to the male organ. The reasons might be diabetes, vascular diseases, obesity, high cholesterol, and many more issues that cause impotence.

Aerobic exercises literally help in raising blood flow and brings improvements to erectile dysfunction issues. Besides, walking for just 30 minutes every day, you will get positive results in beating ED.

Other Exercises Options! Supine Foot Raises

To perform this exercise, perform the following steps!

  • Keep the arms by both sides and lie your body down with bending knees. Keep the feet in a flat position.
  • Engage pelvic floor muscles while exhaling. Now keep spine & pelvis still and raise your one feet off the floor.
  • Now inhale and keep the foot back on the ground.
  • Perform it on alternate sides.

Knee Fallout

  • Bend your knees. Lay it down along with keeping the feet flat on the floor. Keep the arms on both sides.
  • With space between the floor and middle of your back and keep the spine in an absolutely neutral position.
  • Squeeze muscles of the pelvic floor while exhaling. Lower down the knee slowly as far as possible. Keep the muscles stable.
  • Now release the muscles and inhale. Bend again your knee.
  • Repeat the same steps on the other side.
  • Start it with 4-5 times and then take your count to 10 slowly.

Wind Up!

These are the leading erectile dysfunction exercises one can resort to and treat ED in a shorter period. Besides all these exercises, running, boxing, skipping, and many other related activities can help you beat impotence. These meager lifestyle changes can make you healthier than before. So, start doing it today! Good luck!

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