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GRACEFUL OUTFIT. The majority of your own Agility training will take place on the roofs of different homes. Those areas are called Rooftop Agility Courses. Throughout functions, you may sometimes notice RuneScape 2107 gold yellow plates on the ground. These are known as Marks of Grace. While getting through the Rooftop Courses you will find them after every couple of minutes. They should be picked up every time you see one since 260 Marks of Grace is required to buy Graceful Outfit that is one of the most significant sets in RuneScape.

This equipment isn't valuable because of its offensive or defensive function, but since it reduces weight. While wearing full Grace players possess -25kg decrease in weight and additional 30% incentive to run energy retrieval. This makes it good to use while skilling pretty much everything outside of combat and works wonders in combination with superb energy potions and stamina potions.

SPENDING MARKS OF GRACE. After obtaining every bit of Graceful equipment that's the main reason to accumulate Marks of Grace, these yellow tokens can be spent on Amylase Crystals packs which later can be marketed on Auction House for the price of approximately 8k coins each. This makes Agility a decent skill to earn money whilst coaching. You can also spend marks of elegance on recoloring your outfit bits in the Great City of Kourend but it is going to require reaching 100% favor at one of the houses. There are seven distinct colour variants available: purple, two shades of blue, white, green, yellow and crimson. There is also additionally regular you to those who want to go back to the old colour. The NPC which could color your armor pieces is named Osten and he's located in Shayzien home of buy School RuneScape Gold Great Kourend.
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