Cosmetic Treatment Abroad: Convalescence and Aftercare

One of the most problematic aspects of cosmetic treatment abroad are the aftercare as well as issues connected to complications and corrective procedures. Many foreign clinics offer consultation, check-up visits and corrections, if needed, free of charge, however there are still the costs of flight and accommodation to be covered by patients. Therefore, people travelling abroad for treatment should prepare themselves both financially and psychologically that they might need to make more than one trip to the clinic they chose. Always enquire after fees and costs of additional visits and correction, as they not might be included in the procedure costs. Although in most cases flight and accommodation costs are not included in the treatment price, there are clinics that not only present their patients with consultation and assistance during their stay, but also after they’ve come back home. The best clinics cooperate with international medical centres and facilities, so that smaller issues may be performed in their country along with follow-up visits. The majority of the foreign clinics offering cosmetic treatment abroad do not offer such help and ask their patients to come back to the clinic if a problem occurs or a patient needs to consult his or her specialist. Nevertheless, according to patients’ testimonials when there is no need to worry online follow-up visits based on the photographs via e-mails or phone are enough for getting a surgeon’s opinion and feedback. The clinics offering cosmetic treatment abroad prepare all kinds of guides and guidelines for the patients with detailed description of what to do and what to do after a given surgery. In case of surgeries performed under general anaesthetic at least one overnight stay at the clinic is necessary. The length of stay varies depending on the procedure, for smaller procedures under local anaesthesia a couple of days is enough. When it comes to larger procedures or multiple procedures under general sedation patient should stay for at least a week in order to have necessary follow-up visits and time to recover before coming back home. After a facelift procedure and eyelids correction, for instance, a patient may either stay a week and have some of the stitches removed at the chosen clinic, and the rest in their country after 12-14 days, or stay for two weeks in order to have them removed abroad. You should give yourself some time off work and daily routines once you’ve come back home. Depending on the procedure you should rest and avoid strenuous activities for a week or longer. Be sure to ask your surgeon for recommendations and post-operative instructions, so not to burden your body more or risk having complications. Although cosmetic treatment abroad may seem to more engaging and problematic to organize, however, taking the additional services the clinics and special agencies offer patients are relieved from most of the arrangements to make and can focus on getting better.

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Sunday, 25 August 2019

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