Openwave JumpTap combine context and profiling for mobile ads


Openwave and JumpTap are teaming up to deliver a combined context and profiling service for what they promise will be highly targeted mobile advertising. As more and more mobile providers provide flat rate internet access, this sort of targeting will become ever more important.

Current advertising solutions are based on either application context or profile, not both, so this is the first time advertisers will be able to target individuals based on an optimal blend of profile and context.

Adam Soroca, vice president and general manager of Search at JumpTap tells us:

“Our search engine generates a wealth of information about what mobile customers want. We are using this data to pick the best advertisement for a particular moment in time, and Openwave brings an unmatched level of mobile Internet inventory where we can place those ad

February 15th, 2007 8:00 am

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