Anjuna: one of the hottest tourists destinations in Goa

Anjuna, a beach village home to the very popular Anjuna beach, is one of the most visited places in Goa. It is a hot and happening tourist hub home to large number of Anjuna hotels, shacks, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and more. It is also the host of the famous Anjuna flea market which fills the place with huge masses of tourists and locals on every Wednesday.

Anjuna is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Goa. Located right on the western coastline of India, the place is a small tourist village that is perfect for spending a relaxed vacation while relishing the most of Goa. The place remains highly flocked with tourists because of the perfectly sun-kissed Anjuna beach and the wild trance parties. It is near to Mapusa which is the most developed area in the region. Baga and Calangute are to the north of the village and are the popular tourist destinations nearby.

In order to get into Anjuna, the cheapest as well as convenient way is to take a train to Mapusa railway station, then take a bus to the sea-side village from the Mapusa Bus Stand called Kadamba. Besides, there are taxis and autorickshaw that can get you to the village. Hiring a motorbike or scooter is another way to access the place. There are a couple of places in Goa where one can get scooter or motorbikes on a rent basis. Apart from these, one can also hire motorcycle taxis. They are perhaps the second best, cheapest mode to get around in Goa, after local buses. The nearest serving airport is the Dabolim airport which is about 29 k.m. from Panaji.

Anjuna falls under the taluka of Bardez in North Goa. It is basically a sea coast village which was once a small fishing village that transformed into a tourist area. It houses one of the most popular Goan beaches, with a long string of restaurants, shacks, and hotels in Anjuna situated along the coastline. The place is also popular for housing a 15th century church. The St. Michael's church is one of the most revered churches in Goa, built by the Portuguese.

A perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the wild Goan parties, the Anjuna beach is the prime tourist attraction here. On every Wednesday, the beach hosts the Wednesday Anjuna Flea Market which attracts tourists as well as locals from all over Goa. The flea market pretty much provides everything ranging from clothes to junk jewelries, shells, books, fruits, vegetable, etc. To get the best bargain one has to go early.

Amongst the popular tourist activities swimming, sun bathing, parasailing, and jetskiing remain the favorite. There are a couple of book shops, restaurants, and shacks where one can hangout. One will often see foreigners as shop owners, who came to the place and settled here permanently. Most of the restaurants offer a wide range of cuisines, namely, Goan, Indian, French, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Israeli, etc. Some of the restaurants even remain open for 24 hours. Plus, most of them host live events. To name a couple of good restaurants here: LaFranza, Biryani Palace, Basilico, Avalon Sunset, Oasis, German bakery, and Munche's. Like in rest of Goa, liquor is easily available with beer being the most popular beverage. Besides, Feni, a local liquor, is also quite in demand and it is comparatively cheap.

Finding a satisfactory lodging is very easy here. The price varies based on comfort, season, commodities, and your ability to bargain. Most of the popular Anjuna hotelsare located near the beach. Plus, there are a few hotels located at a distance.

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