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Hey folks, today I'm going to review my offshore hosting provider. I feel the need of letting all of you looking for established offshore hosting provider that is not scam or cheap hosting provider. Continue reading to find out why is for me the #1 offshore vps hosting provider around.

Editorial Review: Webuzo Network is known as a private-owned offshore web hosting company in Bulgaria. is famous because of their unbeatable High Privacy Protection & Terms of Service Review of Features: An extensive Review of their popular plans, threw up some interesting facts about the company's performance. make it simple by providing only four shared web hosting plans and four VPS hosting plans. is offshore hosting provider providing vps services with the most featured cPanel control panel alternative Webuzo. There are several ready scripts offered to get auto installed within their Auto one-click installation including Bulletin Boards/Forums (PHPBB/SMF etc). Quick Start Wizard, Blogs ( WordPress, Joomla , Drupal). Image Galleries, Wiki pages. Pricing: Webuzo hosting prices are acceptable starting at €5 for their basic shared hosting plan and €14.99 for their first SSD VPS Hosting plan. Review of Reliability: promises you'll receive minimum uptime of 99.9% or you get a refund. Webuzo routinely do reliable as well as safe backup copies of your files to provide protection against unexpected issues (Backuping is extra paid service). All Webuzo VPS plans are with 100Mbps International Bandwidth speed that guarantee zero lag from any location for your website.

Webuzo Control Panel: gets the popular interface "Webuzo" for simple navigation, easy functionality and clear icons. You get all of the features which Webuzo provides.

What is good in

1- Reasonably priced
2- Accept Bitcoin & PayPal payments
3- High Privacy Protection
4- Allowing Adult Content & Gaming servers
5- Providing 500Gbps DDOS protection
- Well performing hosting servers – runs ints data-centers which are secured with different protection methods, which include fault protection, fire suppression solution, temperature and climate management, reduntant energy creation, in addition to back-up generation devices.
7- Full root access 100% unmanaged Review of Customer Support:Webuzo provide 24/7 support via chat and or Ticket system. I found has one of the best technical, fast and friendly support in the field.

Webuzo Money Back Guarantee: provides a 3 day money-back guarantee if you choose to cancel your order and it is generally released in 1 working day after written cancellation.

Conclusion of these Reviews: Webuzo will work well for small to big sized businesses. Their web hosting services is high reliable at affordable prices. Also , you can try their service for 3 days as you are secured with their 3 days money back guarantee. promo codes: The maximum Webuzo Discount you'll get will be up to 40% for new and old customers. Currently they are running 3+1FREE promotion on all their VPS Plans.

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Sunday, 17 October 2021

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