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Hidden gems of the beautiful city Chennai

A historical city,Chennai is one of the most historical cities in the world. Also, who haven't heard about the great authors that originated from the city. A popular city amongst the youth, we have all heard about famous beaches and eateries in Chennai. If you stay in Bangalore and crave for a lazy vacation, then Chennai is the best location for you. Just checkout suitable Bangalore to Chennai train timings to plan out your holidays. Here are some places in Chennai that aren't very popular but are equally attractive.

  1. Semmozhi Poonga: Covering a territory of 20 acres of land, the Semmozhi Poonga Park is a huge botanical garden. Overseen by the forest division, it is a perfect spot to visit in Chennai with family. Aside from the fascinating and uncommon vegetation developed, there are additionally some medicinal herbs in the nurseries of the recreation center. Guests can unwind on the recreation center grounds which likewise contain a water and rock garden, a butterfly garden, and numerous other things to do.
  1. Crocodile Bank: The bank was opened with a goal to secure this reptile species, the Crocodile Bank even houses gators, snakes, ocean turtles and water birds. In all there are 2500 animals inside the premises of the Bank and one can spot crocs and additionally gharials coming up on the edge of the water body amid the day. There is additionally a shop where one can buy books and memorabilia identified with these reptiles.
  1. MGM Dizzee World: This Park, situated on the East coast street, is a wholesome enjoyment spot for youthful and old alike. With a few exciting rides and an amphitheater for exhibitions, visitors to Dizzee World would without a doubt appreciate a day spent here. The water park on the premises has a wave pool separated from numerous different rides and slides.
  1. Dakshinachitra: This is one of the spots to visit in Chennai with children where they will be acquainted with the South Indian society of the past. Meaning 'a photo of the south', DakshinaChitra is a little town which has been reproduced utilizing copies of customary South Indian houses going back to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The guests get a look into the way of life and traditions of various groups of South India furthermore see ancient rarities made by the nearby artisans. Another treat is one can taste an inconceivable cluster of the conventional South Indian food.
  1. Cholamandal artist village: This is a stage village for the inhabitant painters and stone carvers to showcase their manifestations to the visitors. Situated on the edges of Chennai, in the town of Injambakkam, Cholamandal has two displays, an outdoors theater, a book shop and an art shop. For those keen on workmanship and specialty, this destination with a tranquil feeling will be a perfect trip.

Book your tickets in advance by checking out Bangalore to Chennai train timings as there's always a huge rush of people visiting Chennai. If you wish to check out other places too then deboard at a nearest railway station to Chennai.

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Monday, 06 July 2020

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