Nepal Trekking Seasons and Styles

Of the four seasons trekking spring and harvest time or fall are the most prominent seasons for trekking in Nepal among the trekkers.

September-November: Trekking in the harvest time season (September-November): Autumn trekking season offers fabulous climate conditions and view the lovely mountain pre-winter are the best seasons to trek in the Himalayas of Nepal. Fall season is the pinnacle season, the climate is clear to see the breathtaking mountain view and Himalayas. Most Hindu celebrations in Nepal as Dashain and Tihar (Dipawali) falls into the fall season give a chance to investigate and exhibit the neighborhood individuals, culture, convention and way of life. Treks of the fall season are reasonable for normal climbers, it is not exceptionally hard to see the high Himalayan valleys.

December-February: Trekking in the winter season (December-February): Winter is the best season for trekking at low height beneath 3000 meters Himalayan foothills of Nepal, which offers awesome perspectives of Himalayas. Snowfall in the winter at higher heights of the season so it is unrealistic to visit the good countries, cool climate and clear skies with breathtaking perspectives over the low mountains. treks in the winter season are reasonable for climbers of all levels who are interested in exploring the region of low mountains of Nepal.

Walk May: Trekking in the spring season (March-May) Spring is the ideal time for trekking in the Himalayas. Many individuals from various parts of the world visit Nepal in the spring for a walking occasion. In spring season sprout diverse assortments of wild blooms, especially the rhododendrons make the slope over 4000 meters a haunting heaven during this season. It is somewhat warm at low height and at higher elevations more than 4,000 meters, the mountain perspectives are eminent, incredible and temperature is very direct. Treks to the spring season are appropriate for explorers by and large, it is not hard to see the high Himalayan valleys.

June-August: Trekking during the storm season, from late June to early September, may demonstrate annoying in the lower mountains and the flatland of Terai. The climate is hot and muggy. Be that as it may, it is the most loved season to trek in the rain shadow of dry locales, for example, Upper Mustang, Dolpo and Kailash territories. Treks in the mid year season are suggested for backwoods specialists and botanists as the high valleys and knolls bloom with blossoms and rich vegetation. Enter advantages of trekking in the late spring months are the trails without pack and less icy in the high mountains.

Nepal Trekking Styles


This is extremely conventional or exemplary style of trekking, regularly known as completely sorted out trekking, which are led in remote regions of Nepal. Camping trek is the kind of trek where all the trekking riggings, for example, tents, beddings, sleeping sacks, latrine tents, kitchen tens, kitchen utensils, Sherpa's to set up tents where you will rest and all around trained cook will get ready hot dinners to serve you and different according to their necessity will be given by us along a certain quantities of supporting staff and guide in light of the extent of the gathering. You need to convey your little knapsack with a water jug, camera and your day garments. In this camping, a central guide will be utilized to deal with the entire trekking system and you should adhere to the program and calendar which is pre-masterminded by the main guide. The benefit of this style of trekking is that more remote and untouched territories can be gone to. The inconveniences are the higher cost, particularly for littler gatherings.

Commonplace Day on the Camping Trek

Generally your day on a camping trek begins with some bed tea around 6 at morning, trailed by washing basin, loaded with warm water to spruce up for another exciting day. While you are enjoying with a light breakfast: bread, stick, bubbled egg, tea or espresso depending on your decision, our supporting staff pack up the tents and types of gear and push forward to find another appropriate place to plan lunch. Under the sunshine around 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 pm. lunch will be served in the midst of mountain natural air. After lunch, the remainder of the day's trek is done which for the most part takes 1and half to 2hrs of walk. Supporting staff will set up the tents and will begin preparing dinner for you. Around 7:00 pm dinner will be served and the day closes creeping into sleeping pack around 8-9 P.M. Under the correct condition, trekking teams will entertain you by singing dancing and telling stories or playing cards and so forth. At evening, incidentally culture show can be masterminded on demand together with nearby individuals and trekking groups and pit fire can be exceptionally pleasing.

Tea House Trekking

Tea House Trekking style intends to stop at trailside shady ramshackle spots for some tea or for a break after long walking in the past days however with the current increments of trekkers in the mountains of Himalayas, the outside 'Tea Houses' is changed over into present day extravagance cabins and lodgings. This sort of trekking is well known in the certain locales of Nepal where cabins are accessible, especially, in the Everest Region, Annapurna Region and Langtang Region. In these ranges one can trek with an absolute minimum gear and garments and depend on hotel. A guide helps you choosing the correct cabins for trekkers and furthermore organizes the billings after overnight remain in the hotel.

Here are a few administrations that you will be give on tea house treks:

Three times of feast i.e. Bed tea, Breakfast lunch and dinner)

Lodging offices during whole trek

Give important supplies and garments like sleeping sack, coat, coat, bedding, pants and other.

Trekking grant and charges for National Park with vital watchmen and aides.

The advantage of Tea-House trek is that we can move at our own particular pace and set our own particular calendar as nourishment and convenience are masterminded locally and in particular experience and getting appended with the genuine style of the country individuals.

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