Four New Upgrades of Windows 10?

Every company tries to upgrade their product, especially when the product is an electronic device. Companies bring in new features in the product to make it better than the previous version and to increase the customer attraction. New features persuade people to ditch the old gadget and buy the newly upgraded one. The whole motive behind this is to increase profits and provide users with advance qualities.

Well we all agree Windows provides us with an amazing experience. It brings great updates and tries to make their computer more helpful (ignoring the mess it made with the start menu in Windows 8). With the release of Windows 10, they have provided us with exciting upgrades.

We are here to update you with the exciting new features in Windows 10.

  • Windows 10 brings back the old "Start Menu". I guess they realized the blunder they made in Windows 8. The full screen start menu deniably looked sexy, but many found it difficult to adapt with the new update.
  • Windows 10 now has both full screen start menu as well as the old start menu. We can turn off the live tile like start menu if we wish to. For the ones who loved the expanded start menu can still have it. You got to change them as per your preference.
  • Cortana is a smart assistant of Windows. It was first used in Windows phones and now it has stretched itself to computers too. Cortana has a line attached to it "Ask me anything". Cortana answers all your questions, you simply have to type your query there and it will provide you with all the required online information.
  • Cortana acts like a personal assistant and performs tasks like creating reminder, playing music, cracking jokes and setting alarms.
  • This is one of the most awaited update. Not all are going to be awed and interested in this feature, but the ones who believe in multitasking surely will. This feature helps you in performing multiple tasks.
  • You might say we multitasked earlier too, what's new about it? Well could you monitor all your work together? Now you can. You could be performing 6 tasks on your computer, and you can view them all together.
  • Notification bars are one of the best features in computers and mobiles. They provide you with useful information. The feature of being notified existed since Windows 8, but the notification vanished once the message faded. So if you are not looking at the screen when the notification popped up, you never again find that notification.
  • This new feature in Windows 10 keeps the notification stored. All the notifications that pop up are archived in the action center. The user can visit the center anytime and get the required notification.

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Saturday, 14 December 2019

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