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Gokyo Valley Trekking

Gokyo Valley, is a standout amongst the most delightful valleys in the Khumbu locale of Nepal. Incorporating Gokyo Lakes - the new water lakes situated at a height of 4,700-5,000m over the ocean level, Ngozumpa ice sheet - the longest (22mi) ice sheet in the Himalayas, Gokyo RI (5,630m) and a little Gokyo town; the valley shapes an ideal copy of a Heaven on Earth. The valley likewise welcomes you with the perspective of 27 snow topped crests in the Everest Himalayan district including 4 noteworthy pinnacles – Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Lhotse, and Mt Cho Oyu – all towering over 8000m from the ocean level.

Additionally, this place is similarly essential for Hindu and Buddhist travelers. In the time of August, amid the Janai Purnima celebration, aficionados come to clean up in one of these Gokyo Lakes and visit the sanctuary of Lord Vishnu and Shiva arranged at the western corner of the lake. In this manner, this place is one of the most loved goals of both trekkers and lovers.

Likewise, usually known as Gokyo Lakes Trek, Gokyo RI trek or Gokyo Valley treks, this trek to Gokyo is unquestionably more than the experience of the lakes, mountains and ice sheet. Covering a portion of the real highlights of the Everest Base Camp trek, our 15 Days Gokyo Valley trek agenda gives a chance to encounter unblemished towns, lovely Lukla, Phakding and Namche, religious communities, and wiped out types of plants, creatures and flying creatures in the Sagarmatha National Park on the way.

Spring (March-May) and Autumn (October-December) are viewed as the best season to arrange your Gokyo Lakes trek. All things considered, contingent upon your accommodation, this trek can be arranged at whatever time of the year.

Best season

Similarly as with most different treks in Nepal, the best circumstances to do it are spring (March-May) and pre-winter (September-November). In these months the climate is probably going to be clear, and daytime temperatures warm. The Khumbu area, be that as it may, is known to be especially icy and dry, and numerous trekkers build up the 'Khumbu hack' because of the dry tidy.

It is typically conceivable to trek in the mid year/rainstorm and winter seasons, yet more prominent readiness for troublesome conditions is required, and you may not get clear perspectives.


This trek is for the most part thought to be "direct" for a trek of this length at high height. On the off chance that trekking a course that rises Gokyo Ri, the most elevated height that will be come to is the summit, at around 5,400 meters. The summit of Gokyo Ri is itself at around an indistinguishable elevation from Everest Base Camp, making this trek for the most part less demanding as far as height. You won't rest at this tallness anytime along the trek however, and there are less evenings spent over 4000 meters than the Everest Base Camp trek, making it less tricky as far as potential elevation related issues.

Keep an eye out for

Be here and get the excite of practically touching the sky. In any case, likewise search for little treks, little ways, less choices for sustenance, little sprains and gigantic ice edge. Pay special mind to mountain - lake with blue water, ice treks, yak drain, yak spread and the neighborhood dresses! Obviously, camera is an unquestionable requirement!

It is an unquestionable requirement that one takes a guided visit to this stature. There are ISO affirmed trekking associations and IATA endorsed visit administrators which must be considered while going on a trek visit this way.

Everest Gokyo Lakes and Gokyo Ri Trekking
Everest Base Camp Trek

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Thursday, 29 October 2020

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