Does Lovegra help in treating FSAD in women?

FASD (Female Sexual arousal disorder) is also referred to as impotence in women. It is a condition that causes due to various health and lifestyle factors. However, the main cause behind this issue is lack of blood circulation in the female genitals. The result is sexual dysfunction. Currently, many women are wondering if this issue is treated by using Lovegra.

In medicine industry, this medication is prescribed widely and it helps to enhance blood flow amazingly towards the female reproductive system. This boost in blood flow increases sensitivity and thus helps to regain pleasure during sexual act.


Avoiding sexual activity or absence of intimacy response with your partner may not be a good sign when it happens regularly. Just like men, women also suffer from sex related disorders. FSD or female impotence is a sexual disability in women. This condition can be caused by some psychological, lifestyle factors and by some complex and advanced physical factors. One can say that, FSD is a combination of several problems; therefore, when you find the cause it becomes manageable to overcome this disorder.

Lovegra as a medicine

The prime reason, which is associated with this condition is poor blood flow towards the female organ and lovegra helps to recover the same. Lack of blood passing causes pain during sexual intercourse and this shows the sign of FSD, the other common ones include low sexual desire, low libido and orgasmic disorder.

The Lovegra is now a most trusted drug to treat female impotence. The popular name is "pink pill". It is globally manufactured by numerous pharmaceutical companies and hence it is easily available in the market. Physicians prescribe this to treat symptoms related to FSD. The generic versions are very affordable and effective as well.

Generic medications are the generic counterpart of branded medications. Both versions give exactly same results. Apart from Lovegra, Ladygra is another generic counterpart of pink pill. Lovegra, a pink pill contains an active ingredient known as Sildenafil Citrate. Sildenafil is a very potent chemical, which was FDA approved. These are the easiest treatment methods to reverse female impotence.

How effective it is to improve sexual health in women?

Sildenafil Citrate stops an enzyme known as PDE5 from working. This action leads to the dilation of blood arteries and the relaxation of soft muscles due to nitric oxide. The blood circulation in the body increases, towards in the female organ.

However, taking Lovegra 100mg without doctor's advice by yourself can be very risky. Thus, before taking any sexual treatment and medication consult your doctor. A good doctor will prescribe you the apt drug by studying your medical and sexual background. Remember, do not make any alterations in the recommended dosage such as taking double dosage. Also, follow each and every precaution of your doctor for a rapid recovery of your problem.

If you self-analyze FSD condition, you should seek help of a gynecologist or sex expert and take the right treatment.

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