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There are 20 Steps to QuickBooks Can Help Run Your Small Business

QuickBooks is superb accounting software for running a little business. i prefer to inform clients that QuickBooks is great for a little business owner that does not necessarily understand accounting. the rationale I say this is often that a lot of the accounting entries are done behind the scenes in QuickBooks just by completing the day to day activities of your business. However, I also see tons of business owners not use QuickBooks to its full potential. 20 Steps given below to QuickBooks can help run your small business

1. Control income - QuickBooks are often an excellent tool to assist you manage your income . rather than using your online bank balance you ought to keep your QuickBooks file updated regularly and understand the way to use it to manage your income . By entering your financial transactions often and doing daily reconciliations in QuickBooks you'll get an excellent handle on your income . The key's sorting your QuickBooks bank accounts by cleared status.

2. Invoice Customers - I always wish to train clients to make and send their own invoices in QuickBooks. once you have a customer that desires to offer you money for products or services that last item you would like to try to is serve sending them an invoice. Learning the way to properly invoice customers will decrease your assets and increase your income .

3. Manage Bills and Accounts Payable - Keeping your vendors and suppliers happy is vital also . you do not want to fall behind on your outstanding bills with vendors. Using the enter bills and pay bills functions in QuickBooks is straightforward . Entering the bills to your vendors with the right terms and due dates will assist you stay top of keeping your vendors paid and happy. Paying your bills directly through QuickBooks via online bill pay or printing checks will reduce unnecessary data entry and increase productivity.

4. Manage Employee Time - you'll enter employee time from the workers section of the house screen. you'll enter onetime event or use a weekly timesheet. Tracking time in QuickBooks can help measure employee productivity and may convince be valuable for job costing purposes.

5. Customized Chart of Accounts - Your QuickBooks chart of accounts is all about your needs and will be customized to those specific needs. Therefore, the structure of the QuickBooks chart of accounts is critical, as it's ... overrun with useless categories then disorganized that the financial reports. Confirm your chart of accounts speaks to you and provides you with valuable information that you simply can use. don't be concerned an excessive amount of about tailoring your chart of accounts to your taxes; it should be more geared towards helping you run your business.

6. Memorized Transactions - you ought to use QuickBooks memorized transactions to automatically enter transactions that occur on a daily and predictable basis. this will include invoices, bills, journal entries and payments. the thought is to spice up efficiency and have certain items be entered automatically into QuickBooks. One example of an honest use of a memorized transaction may be a bill that you simply have found out to be automatically deducted from your bank account like your mortgage payment. By memorizing a check you'll have the payment automatically post to your bank account a particular number of days beforehand .

7. Always Reconciled - the foremost important thing you'll do for your small business bookkeeping system is to form bound to reconcile QuickBooks on a uniform basis. you ought to reconcile all of your applicable accounts not just your bank accounts. confirm to reconcile bank accounts, credit cards, loans, lines of credit and payroll liabilities.

8. Printing Checks - Printing checks from QuickBooks may be a good way to stay income updated and increase your efficiency. Since the check won't clear your bank until the payee deposits it you would like to form bound to include it in your income analysis. Printing checks from QuickBooks will eliminate unnecessary data entry.

9. Online Banking - you ought to found out your QuickBooks accounts for online banking download. If doesn't offer the Online banking import or download services for QuickBooks. your credit card company . this may reduce tons of unnecessary data entry.

10. Keep Questions Organized - If you encounter transactions that you simply aren't sure the way to handle don't allow them to stop you from reconciling and shutting out your financials For your chart of Accounts use the QuickBooks ask my accountant code. This may allow you to enter the transaction and reconcile all while keeping your questions organized in one spot.

11. Journal Entries - Journal entries are sometimes necessary to repair issues or create year end entries per your CPA to match your income tax return . Although journal entries are becoming more into the "accounting" end of belongings you should still be conversant in them.

12. Accept Online Payments - you'll activate the Intuit payment network services which allows customers to pay your invoices easily online. the simplest part is it only costs you $0.50 per transaction with no percentage of the invoice being charged as a fee. So you'll send a $50,000 invoice and only pay $0.50 to urge that cash sent on to your bank account . Hard to beat that price given the standard merchant processing fees.

13. Email Invoices and Statements - you ought to found out all invoices and statements to be emailed directly from QuickBooks. this may help reduce the quantity of your time it takes for your customers to pay you, which can increase income . you'll activate the web payments as discussed in #12 above to assist you get paid even faster.

14. Payroll Management - you'll process your payroll directly in QuickBooks or use an outsourced payroll service. We typically recommend outsourcing your payroll to scale back your liability. once you use an outsourced payroll it's important to record your outsourced payroll correctly in QuickBooks. Many payroll companies even offer files which will import your outsourced payroll data into QuickBooks.

15. QuickBooks Class Tracking - QuickBooks class tracking is one among the more powerful functions of the software that always isn't utilized. QuickBooks classes are how to trace your data during a way that's meaningful to your business. samples of QuickBooks classes are locations or departments. i exploit QuickBooks classes to trace sources of income in order that i do know the source of each penny that our business has ever made.

16. Financial Reporting - One big mistake I see is little businesses not taking advantage of the reporting that's available in QuickBooks. Small business financial reporting may be a crucial piece of the bookkeeping process. Without running and analyzing financial reports your bookkeeping system isn't performing to its full capability.

17. Memorized Reports in QuickBooks –Create and manage custom reports and run your business. We also work with our clients to develop a group of reports that the owner finds particularly useful to run their business. While many reports are available in QuickBooks it's nice to arrange all of them in one spot for straightforward access. Under Reports/Memorized Reports you'll find your memorized report list. you ought to create a replacement list called 'owner reports' and memorize important reports thereto list to form them easily accessible.

18. Custom Importing - If your financial organization doesn't offer import capabilities into QuickBooks you continue to have some options. you'll use a CSV converter to QuickBooks to form your data importable into QuickBooks. Additionally you'll create Intuit Importable Files also referred to as IIF files which import into QuickBooks. you'll got to seek a developer or programmer which will create IIF files.

19. Web Apps - There are an entire lot of apps that employment with QuickBooks which will help your business. it's worth browsing the apps to ascertain how they will help your business. make certain to urge an app that's approved and supported by Intuit. Connect time taker and billing by E-Billity with QuickBooks, that we recently started using. This app allows our employees to trace and enter their time from their computer, mobile or tablet. The administrator can then approve the time, which may then be found out to sync together with your QuickBooks file.

20. QuickBooks as a Tool - Lastly, i would like to speak about using QuickBooks as a tool to run your small business. Many small business owners check out bookkeeping as a hassle or as a way to filing their taxes. i feel some small business owners simply do not like bookkeeping, others are intimidated by it and a few don't see the worth in it. If your bookkeeping system and QuickBooks file are found out properly and tailored to your specific needs they will assist you run your business. Your QuickBooks file should be a tool that you simply can use to assist you in making key business decisions.

QuickBooks are often a valuable tool to assist you run your small business. If you check out your bookkeeping as a hassle then you've got not been shown the way to properly use your bookkeeping system to assist you in making business decisions. 

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