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Exciting Dining Destinations You Shouldn’t Miss in Sydney

All of Sydney's iconic streets and alleys, especially the ones along the enchanting harbour lodging the popular Sydney Harbour lunch cruises, are peppered with countless restaurants and eateries that influence the city's culinary diversity. Moreover, there is a burgeoning trend of al fresco dining in Sydney and a rapidly rising demand for destination dining among the city-dwellers. Read on to discover some amazing destinations that will blow your mind away!

Sydney Harbour

Although Sydney Harbour might sound a bit too obvious here, the place is home to a number of dining destinations that are not quite often considered by people. The popular Sydney Harbour lunch cruises is one among them. Get on board one of these cruises to enjoy a wonderful sightseeing and dining experience that you will never forget in your life. There is a prestigious fleet of lunch cruises in Sydney that are widely popular among the tourists too. These cruises take you around the harbour, offering you close-up views of the harbour attractions including the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Enjoy these mesmerising views while feasting on a delectable banquet lunch that is freshly prepared by experienced chefs. For a premium cruise dining experience, choose the popular glass boat lunch cruise in Sydney, which is an 85-ft glass pontoon with floor-to-ceiling glass walls along the dining deck. A romantic setting such as this is a rarity in the city and it is definitely a must-do attraction if you're in the city. Book your tickets right away then!

Blue Mountains

Travelling a few extra miles from the city for a lip-smacking experience wouldn't sound like a big deal if you're an ardent foodie. Blue Mountains, the popular hill station located just a few hours from the city centre is also widely known for its restaurants and eateries. There are secluded dining spots in the area with a stunning view of the mountains and gardens. The fresh air, the walks and the spectacular scenery are all sure to work up an appetite and the array of top-notch restaurants and cafes will treat you with some of the best food you will ever taste in your life.

Surry Hills

If you're an ardent foodie, Surry Hills in Sydney is definitely a must-visit place to add to your itinerary. From Japanese to Lebanese food, the food choices here will allure anyone to keep exploring the flavours. While you're here, eat the world-famous scrambled eggs from the popular restaurant located at 335 Crown Street; also taste the best gelato in town at the gelato store at 389 Crown Street before you go on exploring the other eateries in the region. Surry Hills is also widely known for its many pubs and clubs that sell delectable Australian wines, beer, whisky and more. Surry Hills is also the city's promise to keep the tourists on the land well-fed and happy. Wonder why? Because you'll find almost all the cuisines in the world here.

Other Interesting Dining Destinations

The Central Business District in the city is a rapidly growing dining precinct that now has many restaurants that offer top-notch experiences. From Chinese dishes to authentic Australian dishes, CBD has it all that will fill both your heart and tummy. Another destination worth the mention is Newtown, a youthful neighbourhood that is also home to a number of eateries that will potentially surprise you with its creative rendition of dishes from across the world. Since this part of the city is also known for its vibrant art scene, dining here would indeed be an honour and it adds to the ambience too.

Who would have thought that dining in Sydney would be so much fun? Visit these amazing dining precincts in the city for an unforgettable food memory! 

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Tuesday, 03 August 2021

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