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Best Memorable Activities in Sydney

Most people find pleasure in fine dining and will always be patient when it comes to reserving a table in Sydney. All the places listed here are not only known for the exquisite meals they provide but also the intrinsic architecture and the views we get while we dine. For some people the Bennelong restaurant might be their favourite since it is situated in the Sydney Opera House, and for some they would rather have a view of the same while on a dinner cruise in Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Dinner Cruise

If you're looking for a budget-friendly yet, fabulous dining option then a Sydney Harbour cruise dinner is perfect. The multi million dollar luxurious catamaran with unique stylings is an amazing experience for those who wish to see Sydney's icons within the span of 3 hours. The freshly prepared buffet is another highlight alongside the panoramic views that one gets on the cruise. The personalised waiter service makes the overall effect a lot more intimate and the outer decks give amazing views of the Harbour and other icons like the Opera house and so on. A dinner cruise in Sydney is truly a moment you will never forget and it is the best reason to take some amazing pictures with these iconic attractions.

Bennelong Restaurant

The location of this restaurant being the most iconic place of all time, Sydney Opera House, is the biggest, most contributing factor for the hype. Beyond that, the amazing meal and celebratory drinks just makes it one of the best places to visit while in Sydney. The architecture of the restaurant is spectacular and gives those inside a glimpse of the harbour which helps enhance the experience tremendously. It is not an easy place to get into so, don't forget to make your reservations way ahead of time.

Cafe Sydney

A perfect place to have a long lunch with your friends or family while having a terrace view overlooking the harbour is Cafe Sydney. To be seated on the terrace requires advance reservations but the wait is totally worth it. Another interesting thing about Cafe Sydney is that it will make you feel as though you're seated in the middle of a dress circle. A common fact that most fine dining places in Sydney share is that the customers must strictly adhere to the smart dress code. If not, they are not granted entry. This is an important point to keep in mind while dining in Sydney.


Altitude restaurant in the Shangri La Hotel is one of the well known places in Sydney not only because of the awards won but because it is home to one of the most reputable pastry chefs in the city, Anna Polyviou. The locally sourced seafood and meat items in the modern menu offered by the restaurant brings out the Australian authenticity. And if you do go there, don't forget to try Anna's Mess which is a delicious mascarpone and vanilla mousse, with a raspberry curd, and crackling crunch, pop-rocks.

Sydney is packed with places which will give you the best experiences and sights to revel in. Every single penny spent will be worthwhile in this city. It has now achieved a special place in my heart from all the icons like Sydney harbour bridge, Opera House, the harbour bridge, all which can be seen from on top of a dinner cruise. The best of the best opportunities are all available in Sydney so don't forget in turn it around and make use of it.

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Friday, 07 May 2021

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