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Wonderful Festivals To Experience In the World

Every country in the world has festivals to celebrate. Festivals can originate from a rich cultural heritage of a country or simply following the culture of religion. There is a never-ending list of festivals that one must visit in this lifetime. Every festival and every country are unique in what they do. Even a famous festival like Christmas is celebrated with small differences in every country. Similarly, within a country there are different groups of people who celebrate different festivals. Each and every festival has a cultural significance which celebrates a particular thing. Check out the following list of amazing festivals that you should consider checking out!

Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney is an annual festival of light, music and idea that takes place in Sydney, Australia. This is an amazing experience where you can get such spectacular views of the Vivid light installations which is set up across the city harbour. You can enjoy a wide selection of fantastic international and local music performances. Another thing that you can partake in is the Vivid Ideas where there is a wide range of talks and discussions. A personal favourite activity is going for a Vivid Light Cruise or going for the Bridge Climb Sydney. These are the two best ways to easily get the best views of the infamous light installations. You can enjoy a delicious meal while cruising past the city's icons with close up views of the light show on a Vivid Cruise in Sydney.


When you think about festivals then India is a country which easily pops up into the discussion. There is a wide variety of festivals that take place in India and to pick one from the entire lot is the most difficult decision that one can be forced to make. One of the most colourful and visually enticing festivals that is celebrated in India is Holi. This is a vibrant ancient Hindu festival which celebrates the celestial love of Radha and Krishna. It is also significant that the triumph of good over evil celebrates the victory of Lord Vishnu. The festival is often related as the "Festival of Love", "Festival of Colours", and the "Festival of Spring". The celebrations start the night before Holi when people perform religious rituals in front of a bonfire. On the day of Holi, family and friends come together and play with coloured powders and throw it on each other, share Holi delicacies, and the local food and drinks. In the evening time, people adorn new clothing and go to visit their family members and so on. It is truly an amazing festival to not only witness but take part in. This is now a popularised festival which is celebrated in various parts of the world to commemorate the significance of joy and love in the community.

There are plenty more festivals in every country. Each with their own cultural significance. When visiting a new place you should always keep in mind the festivals and events because that is the best way to understand the rich standing culture amongst the communities.

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Sunday, 20 June 2021

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