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The Best Ways To Have Fun During Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney is the most popular event that takes place annually in Sydney. In 2021, the festival will be taking place from August 6th to 28th and it is fast approaching. Once it starts, you won't notice the time passing by. It is an exciting time for both Sydneysiders and tourists alike. People from all over come just to attend this event. Vivid is popular especially for the light installations and displays it has every year. It is a magnificent attraction and everyone is busy trying to get the best view of the same.

Grab a seat onboard Vivid cruises

Everyone in Sydney has only one thought during Vivid - it is figuring out how to get the best vantage point of the amazing festival. The lights display is one of the main attractions of the festival and also has the best visuals. Sydney Harbour is usually jam packed with people since it is one place which is the preferred choice of the majority as compared to all the other options available. Hop onboard a Vivid harbour cruise and enjoy your meal with the picturesque view of the Harbour right in front of your eyes. This luxury cruise is an amazing way to experience top quality waterfront dining and also have an amazing vantage point of the harbour. Enjoy a perfect Vivid experience onboard a vivid cruise with amazing nautical designs, and top quality service.

Shopping in the style capital

Sydney is known for being a style capital. You can find a wide variety of places to shop from in the city. The shopaholic in you will thrive while roaming around this picturesque city. Discover new shops, tiny boutiques, historic arcades, and walk around the bustling markets. Find different types of styles available at local labels and high end designer brands. Shop for anything from handcrafted jewellery to modern homewares for day-to-day usage. One place where you will be able to find it all is in Pitt Street Mall which is known to be Sydney's fashion hub. This venue stretches across two blocks within the city centre. Shopping hotspots in Sydney include Bondi, Surrey Hills, Newtown and Paddington. The weather during August is pleasant and apt for going on a shopping spree around the city. If you don't have enough money to spend on shopping, you'll be just as inspired and satisfied seeing the people across the streets wearing their stylish attires and accessories. Make the most of being in Sydney to explore the dedicated shopping centres, streets and roads that are home to many stores and boutiques brimming with character.

Explore and go for the Vivid Light Walk

For all those going for the festival, the Vivid Light Walk is a fun way to explore the event. The walk guides you on the best path to enjoy the beautiful light installations. It is a walk that stretches from the Rocks to the Sydney Opera House which is approximately around two kilometres. It is one of the best ways to experience Vivid. Another unique way includes climbing up the Harbour Bridge at night time. This will give you a bird's-eye view of the projections that are set up. It is truly a sight to see!

Vivid Sydney is one of the most awaited festivals in the whole of Australia. It fails to disappoint and always exceeds expectations every year. This is the best way to promote art and technology at the same time. This year it is taking place from August 6th till 28th. There is a variety of exhibitions, installations and live music which is an epic experience. 

Best Experiences During Vivid Sydney in 2021
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Sunday, 20 June 2021

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