The Best Vantage Points to Look Out for Vivid Sydney 2021

Vivid Sydney is a much-anticipated event in Sydney, and it brings hundreds and thousands of people to the city every year. This iconic festival is popularly known for its exciting concierge of events including big-ticket music events, art installations, light projections, conferences and workshops. Read on to discover some of the best vantage points which you should know about before the seats are all sold out.

During the Vivid Sydney Festival, the harbour is one of the most beautiful places to be. With a wide array of light sculptures, art installations and large-scale projections, Sydney Harbour is turned into a magical wonderland. A wonderful way to celebrate the festival and get the best views is to get on board a Sydney Vivid Cruise at the harbour. There are more than just a few luxury Vivid cruises over the harbour waters at night, offering the most stunning views of the installations, the harbour Bridge and the Opera House. A Vivid cruise also offers a grand dinner to match the excitement of the festival. The dishes, if you should know, are all freshly prepared by seasoned chefs on board. These cruises also have fully licensed bars on board that serve all your favourite drinks. Get aboard a showboat Vivid cruise at the harbour to enjoy a riveting 1-hour live cabaret show. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to see the lights in a grand manner. Book your tickets today!

Circular Quay is the epicentre of all action during Vivid Sydney. Thus, it's also one of the most important venues you shouldn't miss while attending this annual festival. With an exciting group of sculptures, art installations and projections spanning from the east to west, you can expect more than what meets the eye at this venue. Places like First Fleet Park, Customs House near Circular Quay are two of the unavoidable landmarks. Also don't miss the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Darling Harbour, among the many other interesting Vivid Sydney locations in the city,hosts all kinds of exciting events and installations. From lasers and fountains to flashy light projections, Darling harbour is popular for its fascinating sensory-rich installations. Darling Harbour is one of the most sought-after venues among families and it offers many great views scattered across the region. Visit Darling Harbour to indulge in a memorable Vivid Sydney experience with your family.

If you're on the lookout for a family-friendly and thrilling Vivid Sydney venue, head over to Taronga Zoo in Sydney, which springs to life during the festival. It is a widespread fact that the concept of Sustainability is realised during the festival at the Taronga Zoo. There is no doubt that you wouldn't spot a fancier place where the mission is more pronounced. Vivid Sydney at Taronga Zoo often showcases a fusion of art, light and sound, teaching the audience the lessons of building a better environmental future. Also, at the zoo, you can get to know about the wildlife that calls the zoo home.

Next in line is the famous Luna Park. This enticing and amusing harbourside destination is the most adventurous and hence a must-visit. Head over to this Vivid Sydney venue if you wish to have some extra fun. The entire amusement park, during Vivid, changes into a kaleidoscopic venue teeming with all kinds of colours and lights. Take in the mesmerising visuals of brilliant shapes and patterns that light up the famous Midway promenade.

Vivid Sydney is an apt time to inspire and get inspired while you entice and tease your imagination with the bounteous Vivid ideas. Get ready to celebrate Vivid Sydney in August 2021. 

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Tuesday, 07 December 2021

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