Fun Things to Do in Sydney at Night

 One of the most exciting things to do in Sydney is spending a night outdoors, perhaps with your best friends, family or a date. Here are some wonderful destinations and activities in the city that will leave you happy for the night.

The most popular and historical tourist destination in the city is none other than Sydney Harbour. Every year, countless people come to the harbour to see the architectural wonders including the towering Harbour Bridge and the elegant Opera House. For an extraordinary sightseeing experience at the harbour, get on board a dinner cruise in Sydney to marvel at the stunning sights and up-close views of these landmarks that are more so beautiful at night. Unlike the other sightseeing choices on offer here, a dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour offers a grand opportunity to enjoy luxury cruising and a scrumptious dinner that is freshly prepared by experienced chefs. There are ultra-modern catamarans, premium glass boats and authentic paddlewheelers that bring you unique cruising packages. All these dinner cruises have fully licensed bars on board serving the best drinks and beverages. Take a stroll over the decks of the cruise with a glass of your favourite drink in your hand for a dreamlike experience you'll always remember!

The famous Sydney Harbour Bridge is probably one of Sydney's most coveted structures, lovingly known as the 'coathanger'. The bridge is also popular for a unique adventure experience which it offers called the 'BridgeClimb Sydney'. The bridge is welcome to many adventurers from the break of dawn to dusk. Choose a twilight BridgeClimb in Sydney for an unforgettable experience like never. On a twilight BridgeClimb, you can watch the sunset with a breath-taking bird's-eye view of the harbour and its seminal structures. If you didn't know, the Harbour Bridge is the biggest of its kind in the world; it is also one of the only three arch bridges that offer a climbing experience for the public. For all the adventure junkies out there, this experience is something you shouldn't miss!

Chinatown in Sydney is situated at one of the prosperous parts in Sydney, near Darling Port. It is the biggest out of the 11 existing Chinatowns in Australia. With a large variety of Asian places that focus on Pan-Asian cuisine, Chinese medicine clinics, pharmacies and more, long goes the list of all things Asian. This part of the city interestingly continues to grow as Chinatown doesn't have any defined borders. There are people from many regions of China settled in this suburb, making it a wonderful ethnic enclave.

Bronte beach in Sydney is one of the most stunning destinations loved by both the locals and the tourists alike. Sydneysiders embrace a very interesting beach lifestyle. One of the most popular beach activities that they love is conducting beach parties. The Bronte Beach Barbeque Party is a famous one you should attend if you're planning a beach day. Head over to Bronte and spawn some fish and prawns on the barbie for an excellent beach barbeque experience. You can host a bbq party at the beautiful spots such as the Pirrama Park or at the BBQ Parks in the inner city and so on.

Luna Park is the oldest amusement park in Sydney. With an amazing lineup of amusement rides for both kids and adults and a wonderful view of the harbour, Luna Park is worth a visit. Luna Park was opened in 1935 and it even made it to the State Heritage List in 2010. Hop on board the most popular ride, the Ferris Wheel, for a fun experience that will also give you a panoramic view of the harbour. 

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