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Vivid Sydney 2021 | Deals and Experiences

Vivid Sydney—Southern Hemisphere's most spectacular arts festival—is a marvellous festival that transforms the city into a playground of the unexpected. Come August, Vivid Sydney is expected to make its big return with a bang! A cutting-edge line-up of artists and art-works—from outdoor light installations, live music acts, deep-dive discussions and more—will be the highlight at this year's festival. If you're wondering where and how to celebrate the festival, we have some amazing deals and experiences in Sydney, right under your nose. Let's take a peek in.

Vivid Sydney Cruises

Go on an unforgettable cruise across Sydney Harbour during Vivid Sydney to be a part of the mesmerising canvas of lights and more. The lights come on during the twilight hours, transforming the harbour precinct into an incredible pool of colours. A Vivid cruise in Sydney is a perfect way to enjoy these dazzling views from a prime position on the waters. They take you across the harbour, offer you the most amazing vistas and a delicious dinner that is prepared on board by experienced chefs. To zest up the mood, you can enjoy your favourite drinks and beverages with the food, served from a fully licensed bar. Vivid cruises have always played an inevitable role during the festival as a work of art in itself as they are illuminated with string lights to match the theme of the Vivid Sydney. This year too, we can expect an impressive show put on by these luxury cruises as they add on to the festival fervour of the whole scene.

A Vivid Helicopter Ride Over Sydney Harbour

If you're all game for a winter splurge which you are sure about, we have a great idea for you. A helicopter ride over Sydney Harbour during Vivid Sydney. Climb on board an ultra-modern helicopter to hover over the harbour at night and see the illuminated city and all the marvellous light installations from a different perspective. Whether you're a visitor in the city or a local, this is an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience that shouldn't be missed. Talk about grandeur! During the flight, you will have the wonderful opportunity to capture the most breathtaking and captivating aerial photos of the city. So, if you're looking forward to experiencing the Vivid Sydney festival in style, this helicopter ride is perfect for you. Book your helicopter ride today!

Vivid Sydney Skywalk

Imagine standing just above the Sydney Harbour, on top of the Sydney Tower Eye, and taking in the 360° views of the city and beyond during Vivid Sydney. This marvellous experience called the SKYWALK will let you witness the best sights at Vivid from the city's ultimate viewpoint. The already gorgeous city shines even brighter and prettier during Vivid Sydney and a SKYWALK experience could be one of the best choices we have on offer. The structure stands about 268 metres high above street level and there is no doubt that you will feel on top of the world as you get lost in the multitude of colours and views around you. You will also be presented with fun accessories like light up bracelets with which you can pose for photos and try light painting photography. So are you ready for this dazzling experience? Book your Vivid Sydney SKYWALK right away!

The current situation in Sydney demands utmost care since the pandemic is still not showing any signs of defeat. Although we are much anticipated about Vivid Sydney among many other things, it is best advised that we maintain a safe distance whenever we are outdoors. We hope you have an amazing and safe Vivid Sydney experience this year. 

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Sunday, 17 October 2021

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