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Major Art Festivals in Australia

Australia, with its abundant and unique experiences, is an amazing country that attracts many tourists to the city every year. The country's immigrant population is greater than its natives, greatly justifying its vibrant multiculturalism. This amalgamation of cultures has given birth to many festivals and cultural exchanges too. The art scene in Australia is a priceless area to dive into. Here are some interesting art festivals of Australia.

Vivid Sydney

The wondrous Vivid Sydney festival is an annual celebration of light, music and ideas that happens during the winter season. However, this year, the festival has been pushed to September due to the lockdown restrictions. At the festival, you get the opportunity to catch up with many artists from across the globe and their artworks will be exhibited at various open-entry venues. One of the most glamorous ways to enjoy the Vivid Sydney views is to go on a Sydney Vivid cruise at the world-famous Sydney Harbour. These cruises will also be a part of the Vivid LIGHTS program which includes the 3D light projections by Sydney Opera House. The festival lights will capture the best of your imagination and inspire you in life. Vivid cruises are now available at exciting prices; reserve your seats today!

Sydney Festival

Sydney Festival is one of the largest art festivals in Australia that happens over the month of January. The festival greatly reflects the city's personality through audacious contemporary art and it has a rich history of bringing the best artists together from different parts of the world. The festival is known to have given birth to some of the most memorable productions in Australia including highlights from Cloudstreet (1998), Black Chicks Talking (2003), The Adventures of Snugglepot &Cuddlepie and Little Ragged Blossom (2007), Smoke and Mirrors (2010), The Secret River (2013), Black Diggers (2014), Circa's Humans (2017), Counting and Cracking (2019) and BLACK TIES (2020).

Melbourne International Arts Festival

Melbourne International Arts Festival has an outstanding reputation for connecting art forms, people and ideas in a unique and innovative way. Moreover, it connects the city of Melbourne with the rest of the world in new and unexpected ways. Often, this creates a connection between its complex past and the emerging future. Above all, it has helped the audience connect with themselves through the various forms of art. There will be around 18 venues where you can go to see the artworks and perhaps meet the artists.

Adelaide Festival

Adelaide Arts Festival, unlike any other of its kind, offers a place for cultural and intellectual nourishment, community and a sense of gathering. The festival has had a record of bringing in an outstanding mix of world-famous theatre productions, breathtaking dance pieces, a wide array of world-class musicians, striking visual art displays and renowned writers. It usually takes place during the month of March for 17 days in the warm and glorious weather, when the whole city comes alive with hope, pleasure and possibility. The next Adelaide Festival is scheduled to happen from March 4th to 20th in 2022.

Perth Festival

Perth Festival is a non-profit multi-arts festival which has been celebrating Perth, its people and its culture for nearly 70 years. It is also Australia's longest-running arts festival. It brings together world class performances including music, visual arts, film and literary events to Western Australia every summer. The festival was first founded in 1953 from the University of Western Australia as a 'festival for the people'. Today, it has seeded and reaped decades of cultural growth through engaging diverse audiences and commissioning major new works from all parts of the world. Next year, Perth Festival will happen from 11 February to 6 March 2022. 

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