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Best Places to Dine With a View in Sydney During Vivid Sydney 2021

 The arrival of Vivid Sydney in the city is synonymous with a festive ambience—people exploring all the pretty light precincts and being enchanted by the magical surrounds. If you've ever been to Vivid Sydney, you would know that familiar hunger and thirst you feel after chasing all the lights. After all, who said eating and drinking your way through Vivid Sydney couldn't be a great plan for the weekend? Let's take a look at some fantastic places to dine out during Vivid Sydney 2021.

Vivid Cruises on Sydney Harbour

A damn perfect experience to have and to cherish is a Vivid Sydney cruise on Sydney Harbour. There are several cruise operators in the city that offer amazing Vivid cruise deals just in time for the much anticipated festival of lights, music and ideas. Hop aboard the famous glass boat cruise in Sydney and be swept off your feet by the most amazing harbour views, from a different perspective. The cruise offers a delicious signature menu that is perfect to celebrate the night. After a long busy week at work, a Vivid cruise would be a perfect way to treat yourself, that too at the famous Sydney Harbour. Dining with a view, after all, is quite a rewarding experience that cannot be compared to anything else. Watch the majestic Opera House and the Towering Sydney Harbour Bridge from up-close as you glide past them in an elegant fashion. In something less than $200, you are promised a lifetime of "Vivid" memories and more. Book your tickets today!


This is a great bar with an incredible view of Sydney Harbour. During Vivid Sydney, you can check into this bar to enjoy a delightful view of the festival lights while sipping on your favourite drinks. The bar is famously known for its mouth-watering South American-inspired menu combined with Aussie ingredients that pair-up so well with their signature drinks. This year, reserve your seats at Hyde Hacienda to explore their latest signature cocktail menu.

MCA Cafe and Graze MCA

One of the must-visit places in Australia during any time of the year is the Museum of Contemporary Art, aka, MCA. During Vivid Sydney, large groups of people flock in here as the museum precincts are also a wonderful vantage point for Vivid Sydney. The rooftop dining option at MCA is an unmatched experience where you can sip on your favourite choices of beers, ciders, wines, cocktails and more. Don't forget to try their wide selection of cocktails and wines as you watch the magnificent festival lights.

Opera Bar

The Sydney Opera House is an iconic landmark that shines the brightest during Vivid Sydney as it brandishes the greatest 3D light displays of all time, every year without fail. The Opera Bar, situated at the water's edge at the world-famous harbour is a great place to chill with your friends during Vivid Sydney. The bar provides an ambient outdoor dining set up where you can feel the energy of the festival buzz around you. Enjoy the local produce that makes the food taste amazing along with locally sourced cocktails, wine with exquisite views of the city skyline.

The Glenmore

Visit Glenmore's rooftop bar during Vivid Sydney for an unforgettable time. Here, you can watch the entire city bloom into life at night with lights and sounds. The Glenmore has been an iconic food destination in Sydney since the 1920s, boasting one of the most sought-after rooftop bars in the city with stellar views. During Vivid Sydney, visit Glenmore to enjoy the best time with your favourite people.

Some of the other restaurants in the city worth mentioning are Altitude Restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel, Bennelong, Henry Deane, Altum Restaurant and Bar Patron. 

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Sunday, 24 October 2021

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