Unique Australian Landmarks for an Unforgettable NYE Experience

There might be many locations in your list to visit and celebrate on the upcoming New Year's Eve. But have you ever thought of visiting Australia and exploring its famous landmarks with your buddies? Australia has many locations rich with natural and modern masterpieces, hidden treasures, and a wide range of both terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. Here lists the names of some amazing Australian travel destinations that shouldn't be missed. Explore and discover what works best for you.

Sydney Harbour, Sydney

Sydney, the iconic city in Australia has a hand not just in the matter of population but also with abundance in the matter of majestic scenery and graceful locations. Sydney has some world-class cruising restaurants in the harbour including a newest premium glass boat with floor-to-ceiling glass walls, an authentic paddlewheeler with an old world charm featuring wrap-around verandahs and cathedral windows, and a multi-million dollar purpose-built catamaran with expansive outer decks and panoramic windows. Choose your vessel and get on board one of the sought-after New Year's Eve cruises in Sydney offering prime views of the NYE fireworks display in the harbour. Take in the visually enticing views of the illuminated harbour attractions including the heritage-listed Harbour Bridge and Opera House while feasting on a freshly prepared scrumptious dinner with premium Australian beverages from the fully licensed bar onboard. Get aboard one of the best New Year's Eve cruises with your family and make your day extraordinary so that it cannot be matched with any other special day.

Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island, 600 km east of Port Macquarie in the Tasman Sea can be seen as an ideal destination for New Year holiday trip for those who are in search of a serene location which is quite unique and untouched. It can be identified as an exceptionally good example of an island ecosystem which is actually developed from submarine volcanic activity. Try discovering and exploring as many locations as you can including Erscott's Hole, Transit Hill, Blinky Beach, and Malabar Hill to name a few. Erscott's Hole is home to more than 500 fish species and around 90 species of coral. It is quite popular as a famous snorkeling destination within a protected and safe intertidal zone. Blinky Beach, located on the east side of the island, can be identified as a relaxing spot where you can enjoy the opportunity for a refreshing swim in the unspoilt turquoise waters. There are many more locations where you can truly enjoy without any outside distractions and take in the best of Lord Howe Island has to offer. It would be an ideal destination for all those who are in need of a serene atmosphere to welcome the upcoming New Year.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island, an avoidable part of Australia's cultural heritage, is identified as the largest sand island in the world. The island is quite famous for its pristine blue waters, white sand beaches, coloured sand cliffs, and many more. You can catch sight of many satinary trees, giant ferns and pines from the rainforest, which lies at the heart of Fraser Island. You can definitely have a whale of time enjoying its unspoilt natural beauty while spending quality time with your family and friends on New Year's Eve. You can indulge in exploring the beautiful natural attractions and learn more about nature, our major life supporter, in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner. You can really immerse yourself in the hands of this absolutely stunning heritage-listed Australian landmark, full of life. Make it truly memorable, spending time with nature, so-close. Let this New Year show you the path of a nature-based sustainable lifestyle.

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