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Travel Tips Denmark


Travel Tips Denmark

Looking for Tips Travel Denmark? You've come to the right place, Denmark is located in mainland Europe, is the capital Copenhagen, the currency used is the Danish Krone (DKK) and the known population of 5,352,815, Enjoy our tips for traveling Denmark.

Denmark and its Medieval Castles

Famous for its picturesque villages and medieval castles in Denmark offers travelers sights and sounds that are history materials. It is easy to imagine prince and princesses, as described by the stories of Hans Christian Andersen world famous counter. If you are considering a vacation experience that unfolds like a fairy tale, Denmark is the ideal destination.

Planning your vacation to Denmark

The mild climate of the country offers visitors great flexibility when it comes to planning your trip. For those who would like to visit Denmark during the summer months, will be delighted with the summer sun, relax by the sea in Copenhagen. Meanwhile, its snowy winter ensures a traditional Christmas holiday.

Attractions in Denmark

Visitors will love the refreshing uniqueness that Copenhagen offers.

The capital of Denmark is also home to the country's monarchy, considered the oldest in the world royals. Palatial structures can be found scattered throughout the city and tourists get a glimpse first hand on numerous museums, galleries and cultural activities.

However, even outside of Copenhagen, travelers will fall in love for the north coast of Sealand and nicknamed "Danish Riviera". Apart from the beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife, this popular retreat is also famous for Elsinore Castle. Said castle was actually used by Shakespeare as his masterpiece, Hamlet scenario.

Obviously, Denmark offers a lot of inspiration. In fact, the country is full of architects, engineers and artists who make art and innovative designs.

For children visiting Legoland, which is located next to the Lego factory, it would be truly unforgettable. Sure, your kids will have a wonderful time at this theme park, which is open from April to September.

Travel to Denmark

As the country is a member of the Schengen area will be allowed to travel freely to countries such as Austria, Finland, Belgium, Germany, France, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, the Netherlands and Greece, with only the Schengen visa just have a discount airline tickets and delight in this country without a shadow of doubt spectacular. You should also make sure that you have at least $ 30 in your pocket to fund your visit as well as other necessary travel documents such as passport and return ticket and best checked luggage

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