Uneven skin pigmentation

Pigmentation of the skin often uneven and is the result of prolonged exposure to the sun or the so-called senile pigmentation with increasing age in humans. Solar pigmentation has its natural color: it is called skin pigmentation. Regardless of the degree of solar radiation on the skin. Pigmentation described particularly with the appearance of brown or black spots on the face or body, often results in irregular shapes and sizes of the spots. As a result of increased melanin, the skin becomes problematic. Of course there are other causes of skin pigmentation: genetic factors, hormonal problems, another type of illness, etc.

Skin pigmentation can be cured, the best choice is to prevent skin pigmentation earlier, immediately at the first sighting and regardless of her shape and size is very important when you need to be exposed to sun already found pigmentation to use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor to protect the skin. UV rays can cause damage, even at low sun can lead to injury. It is necessary to pay attention to the clothes that are supposed to protect the skin from sun exposure to prevent skin pigmentation. Remove all potential risks to prevent skin pigmentation, feel protected and reduce problems in the future, after skin pigmentation unfolding. People who have skin pigmentation, especially those with fair skin, should minimize sun exposure, use sun protection products that provide protection from UVA, and ultraviolet B light. To distinguish between normal and depigmented skin. Sunscreen helps protect the skin from sunburn and long term damage.

There are different ways to combat irregular pigmentation, one of the oldest is the use of natural products, which apply at home.

- Lemon is has one of the best natural antibacterial ingredients. Lemon juice acts as a bleaching agent effective and gentle exfoliant. That is why he is the perfect tool to remove damaged cells on the surface of the skin to treat dark spots on the skin. Cucumber and aloe era, almonds and avocados are known as a natural medicine applied in raw form in various ways to the skin.

Natural products can be combined and applied in the form of a series of masks with the addition of honey.

Dermatologists know how distress experienced by people with even minimal defect or disease of the skin. Not a whim one want to have nice skin color. Especially women. Discomfort caused in humans causes him to do anything, just to deal with these shortcomings, or at least cover them up somewhat, because it lowers self-esteem and employability of people with uneven pigmentation. Altered pigmentation, especially hyperpigmentation, very difficult to mask. Consistent color and nice person not only makes a person more attractive, but also a sign of good health leading dermatologists believe famous worldwide.

More preferably bleaching mask twice or once weekly. This will remove hyperpigmentation, brighten and even skin tone. Whitening mask targets for imbalanced skin pigmentation and gradually lightens and purifies skin. You need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, especially lemons, oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers - they cleanse the blood in the body and maintain the natural shine and give a healthy glow to your skin. Recommended are also different types of lotions for daily use as well as for cleaning and toning the skin, can also be prepared at home from fresh fruits for direct use. For example, lemon juice and parsley act very favorably.

Dermatologists-applied bleaching agent: for this purpose the use of agents containing lightening components - citric acid, mercury (very cautiously for no more than 7 days on mercury), hydrogen peroxide, salicylic alcohol. The strongest Bleacher hidrohionat is - very toxic substance that inhibits the activity of skin cells. Less hazardous substances as arbutinat contained in aloe and bearberry. Approached carefully and cautiously.

-Another method is to peel off: this is achieved by a chemical peel which dissolve the horny layer of the skin. But he has a disadvantage in that highly traumatized skin and redness and swelling after the procedure remain too long, all week. Chemical peels are superficial, medium and deep. In the fight against pigment spots and uneven pigmentation, most often at the average peeling.

-Krioaplikatsiya actually represents treatment with liquid nitrogen. but after the procedure stain strongly reddens, and after 2-3 days the superficial layer of the skin in the area of ​​pigmentation darkens and opadva alone.
-Photorejuvenation is a newer procedure that is carried out using a high intense source of light that destroys melanin. This method is the most efficient and applied in the case of age pigmentation, so-called senile pigmentation. Stains disappear a few days after the session.

Successfully used laser treatment, the effect of the laser is that the beam directed at the cells having an increased content of melanin absorbs them. This process leads to its permanent destruction.

Most are widespread in osnovatasi creams contain bleaching agents. Creams which sometimes and peeling action. They make pigment spots less noticeable. Broken into smaller particles, stains, further peeling the top layer of skin. Popularly used peeling with fruit acids.

-To cope with pigment spots most important remains prevention, ie using the right cosmetics dosage. The market is flooded with products that often have the opposite effect. It is desirable to use mainly verified medical cosmetics. As to completely remove the spots, there are many options to address or at least reduce the problem depending on the degree of development and distribution. Medical cosmetics act of the problem - where begins the synthesis of melanin. Effective active ingredient B-Resorcinol in some products regulate increased synthesis of melanin and permanently reduces pigment spots.

-Another success has Glitseritinovata acid, it is rejuvenating ingredient in products such as fights free radicals generated by UV radiation and protects cellular DNA, helping cells to recover faster and better from UV damage. The high sun protection factor SPF day creams to protect the skin from premature aging and the formation of pigment spots. In the range of products Eucerin, Series Even Brighter is not only efficient, but also very well tolerated by the skin. It can even be used by pregnant women.

-Exfoliate regularly, some dermatologists recommend. They said it was one of the best ways to treat brown spots and get rid of them with regular exfoliation. This is the best way to keep your skin clean and then it is healthy. Necessarily have to remove the dead skin cells, they can block the fat pores and aggravate hyper-pigmentation.

The sun is the leading cause of brown spots and uneven pigmentation, so wearing sunscreen every day is crucial for everyone. Applying sunscreen is the best way to prevent future brown spots and red spots. Preah summer months is required daily use of sunscreen, which also helps to eliminate brown spots faster. Sunscreens provide long lasting moisture in the skin, where necessary, and contain vitamin D and vitamin E, they help to fight free radicals by preventing premature aging and provide a more even and longer lasting tan


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