Which is Better – Hardwood Floors or Tile?

You've ruled out carpet for your floor choice, and you are trying to decide between hardwood floors and tile. Which one is the better option? There is really no right or wrong choice; only what is right for you and where you are installing it.


Often, tile is the preferred choice for bathrooms and kitchens, and there is a reason for this. Tile is not affected by humidity and moisture the way hardwood can be. Wood contracts and swells based on the amount of moisture in a room. It is not usually advised to install hardwood flooring in those areas.

You can work around this problem if you have your heart set on hardwood floors in your kitchen or bathroom. Instead of the traditional materials, consider high-quality laminate that looks like real wood or even engineered wood. It gives you the look of wood without the issues that come with that choice.


Tile is usually less expensive than hardwood for floors as for as purchase cost. However, hardwood may not need to be replaced for many years, which reduces the overall cost of investment. Both options add value to a home when they are new, but tile can reduce the value if it begins to look out of style.

Hardwood requires ongoing maintenance to keep it looking beautiful, but it usually requires fewer repairs than tile. Tile can be damaged if heavy items are dropped on it and may need to be replaced. Wood can be scratched but it usually needs repaired rather than a total replacement, which saves money over time.


Both tile and hardwood have numerous options for design and coloring. This allows either choice to fit in with your décor and personal preference. Larger rooms can handle darker flooring while small rooms feel bigger with lighter tones. This is true no matter what material you use.

Many people feel that hardwood floors add warmth to a space more than tile. This is one reason they are so popular in homes. In some spaces, tile floors actually make a room feel cold and uninviting. And that is not just in the design but in the comfort level for bare feet.

One other difference that you may want to pay attention to is the fact that wood seldom ever goes out of style. Even when color trends change, all you need to do is sand it and stain it a new color to update the look. With tile, you must replace it if the design is looking dated. This one issue can be a winning point for hardwood floors if you don't want the hassle of updating in a few years when you decide to sell.

Both hardwood and tile have advantages and disadvantages when choosing them for your home. It's best to weigh the pros and cons and decide which material fits your needs and lifestyle. In the end, it is about what looks good to you and makes you happy.

Canada's premier hardwood flooring store.  Proudly selling Hardwood Flooring in Toronto since 1977. We have hardwood, laminates, engineered, and exotic flooring; we also provide hardwood flooring installation.

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