What Makes a Good Call Center

A call center can enhance a business or it can damage the company's reputation. Owners and managers should know what makes a good call center and what characteristics to expect in one. Recognizing these attributes can prevent issues before they arise by ensuring that the company hires only the best.


Enthusiasm does not mean the same thing as high pressure. What it does mean is that the agent engages with the customer and provides the implication that he or she wants to be helpful. A good agent doesn't make the customer feel like a bother. Instead, they act as if it made their day to be helping someone. This kind of reaction cannot be forced; customers can spot a fake.


No matter who is at fault for the problem the customer is dealing with, the agent must act as if they are on the customer's side. This doesn't mean they take the blame, but rather that they want to find a resolution for the customer. While the agent represents the company, they offer adequate support to the customer.

Providing Answers

Not all issues can be resolved to the customer's satisfaction, but an agent that provides exceptional call center services will find answers. At the end of the call, the customer wants results. Even hearing an answer that is opposite of what they want is better than no answer at all. A good agent knows how to provide that information in the most positive way.

Creating the Right Environment

An outstanding agent knows how to relate to different kinds of customers. They will converse with those who want the personal touch while remaining professional. For those who like to complain and vent, they will provide a listening ear. While the goal of every call is to provide exceptional customer service, the best agents know this happens in different ways.


One of the most important things to look for is call center services agents who are trained for their jobs. They should understand the basic products or services provided by the company, and what questions will be most common. They must learn the best practices and policies of the company and ensure that they follow all guidelines.

Setting Up Call Center Services

A business must consider all of these things when setting up a call center. Owners must also decide if it is more feasible to hire and train staff or to outsource the call center to a professional company. Regardless of which avenue they choose, they must look for these traits. An outside call center should be held to the same standards as the business. After all, they are representing the company and will be the face of the organization to the people who matter. A business that chooses an outside company must be confident that its customers are in good hands. When the right decision is made, the call center will serve to help the business grow by increasing customer satisfaction and drawing in new customers.

Ashley Meszaros is the Owner/President of We An-Ser Communications  in Calgary. We An-Ser Communications provides award winning call center services in Calgary, dispatching, medical answering services, man down services, lone worker support, wireless panic services and more.  They service the North American market.

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