Three excellent weekend getaways from Delhi

Delhi is not just the most significant centre of administration, but it is also one of the chief hubs of tourism. There is so much to explore, see, do, and relish here in terms of tourism that tourists often extend their holiday duration. Plus, there are some amazing destinations in close proximity of it that you can visit on weekends or on a vacation.

Living in Delhi, the national capital, certainly has its merits. It is one of the largest and most developed metropolises in the country; you can get almost anything and everything under the sun, getting around within the city and the satellite cities is very easy and convenient, plus, the place is full of some hot and happening places that have something interesting going-on almost throughout the year. However, there are just often times when one simply gets tired of the mundane life and seek a quick escape from the hullaballoo of the noisy, crowded, and polluted city. The good thing is individuals who are stuck in the unending office as well as home chores, travelling a few kilometers off the city, they can reach a place that is free from all the hustle-bustle of larger cities and provides an escaped deep into serenity and splendid nature. Given below are some of the well-known destinations around Delhi that you can visit on the weekends and turn the usual Saturdays and Sundays into mini vacations, without making a large hole in your pockets. Plus, the places are also ideal for the tourists in Delhi, who crave for something more than the tourist attractions of the city.

Nainital - Nothing compares to the untouched natural beauty of this quaint hill town. Often touted as the "lake district of India" because of the existence of different large and small lakes in the eponymous district, Nainital is a charming town that bewitches nature lovers, honeymooners, religious, as well as adventurers. It is a beautiful Himalayan town, surrounded by mystical hills and set on the bank of the holy lake that is known as Nainital. Visit it in an upcoming weekend and spend an undisturbed, relaxing vacation. It ideally takes about 7 hours to reach Delhi to Nainital by car.

Surajkund - Offering the tourists with the best of both worlds, Surajkund is a small town located just 8 k.m. from South Delhi. It is an ideal destination for those who don't want to go distances in search of tranquility. Being here is an opportunity to step into a vibrant history along with relish the best of the rustic village life.

Mathura and Vrindavan - Plan your weekend that includes a visit to the holy towns of Mathura and Vrindavan and spend a spirituality-filled weekend that rejuvenates the mind, body, as well as soul. There is a certain pull in the old-narrow lanes and in the pious holy ghats. While you are here, make sure you visit the birthplace of Lord Krishna, lean-by the deities presiding in the most revered temples, and visit the Mathura Museum, which is full of ancient sculptures and various relics. The town is just 145 k.m. away from south-east of the capital and there are multiple tourist buses running on a daily basis.

Apart from the above-mentioned there are multiple other destinations that are ideal for weekend trips. To name some include: Bharatpur, Rishikesh, Lansdowne, Dausa, etc. Besides, individuals with upcoming holidays, they can consider visiting some of the most popular tourist destinations across the country. Cochin is quickly becoming a trend. It has a plethora of tourist attractions and a number of lodging options. With a good frequency of New Delhi to Cochin flights to serve the purpose, accessing the city has become an easy task. 

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Tuesday, 04 October 2022

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