What Make Turquoise Gemstones So Special?

Turquoise has been in the history for long, celebrated in and associated with stories or legends. From ancient civilizations to modern era, turquoise history has played a major role in the popularity of this stone.

 Turquoise is one of the most ancient gems. Archaeological excavations revealed that rulers of ancient Egypt adorned themselves with turquoise jewelry, and Chinese artisans were carving it more than 3,000 years ago. It is the national gem of Tibet and has long been considered a stone that warranty health, good fortune, and protection from evil. It is also considered to be a symbol of friendship. 

One of the earliest known turquoise-producing regions is Persia, where historians believe that the stone has been mined for more than 2,000 years. Turquoise stones from this region are known for their pure, robin's egg blue color. Early Persians believed turquoise represented the heavens because of its beautiful sunny summer sky blue color and used it to shield the domes of palaces and places of worship. 

Turquoise as a Stone of Protection

 A great deal of Turquoise symbolism and mythology involves envisioning danger. It is believed that turquoise stones can warn their owners by breaking. Color changes supposedly warn imminent illness. Turquoise presumably protects from falls, most especially from horseback; attaching this gem to horse's bridle can protect the animal, as well. 

Turquoise as a Stone of Hope 

There have been many turquoise uses throughout history and spirituality and supernatural beliefs have always surrounded this stone. 

The blue stone with cheerfulness sunny summer sky has always been foremost a symbol of hope. 

The cheerful color is intended to brighten the spirits of the wearer, and that makes this stone so special. Turquoise stones range in color from blue to gray-green and sometimes streaked with black veins. Nothing brightens up a colorless wardrobe like a splatter of this brilliant blue-green, often coupled with silver, gold, leather and other gemstones. There's something about wearing a " piece of the sky" that is bound to bring luck to the wearer, and it adds a touch of earthy elegance to any choice of outfit. 

Match with silver, white and yellow gold, diamond, coral, onyx or wood, turquoise would always make beautiful and impressive bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches or a set of turquoise jewelry of your choice. Smooth rounded, or beads or nuggets or chips make an exceptional collection of dazzling jewelry that anyone and everyone will love. 

Turquoise is also a perfect gift for anyone born in the month of December but doesn't have to be limited to only December. This can be a good wedding, anniversary and friendship gift as well. Because of the timeless attributes, turquoise jewelry will always be in style. This is an extremely versatile mineral; there are different grades of turquoise, but of course, the value depends on the quality and of the stone used, and also the value of any other stones that are of the piece, but definitely, there are pieces of turquoise jewelry for only a few dollars. 

If you are one of those looking for a jewelry that is not only beautiful but carried the history and been around for centuries, then the bright and warmth of turquoise jewelry are what you need.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2023

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