Outcall Escorts and Technological Advancements


With all the technological advances being made across the world, we might not even notice how some things are slowly disappearing, things that we have taken for granted and have happily accepted as major parts of our everyday life for years. How many tears were shed at the gradual and now almost total disappearance of the horse and carriage, and the arrival, growth, and dominance of the automobile?

While a few purists might still exist, many are content to submit to the popularity of the automobile, not only due to the fact that everyone else is, but owing to the fact that it is genuinely faster and more efficient that a horse and carriage.
One must ask what things we take for granted today will disappear in favour of their more efficient future equivalents. Therefore, it is rarer among people who work high risk jobs to have any dedications outside of work. Many satisfy their need for female company using methods that require little dedication, such as hiring London outcall escorts. But while brief spurts of company with outcall escorts London offers might quell the desire for female company in the short term, in the long term it can be disagreeable and even lonely for the high risk job worker in question to keep up an ethos of one night stands. Fortunately, it is acceptable for the escorts London outcall or otherwise, as they are professionals who try not to develop emotional bonds with clients.
Things like outcall escorts might soon disappear, used only by purists and those with an affinity for retro. While an outcall escort might be a very useful thing for those seeking the company of an attractive female, considered in wider sense, it is not the most efficient thing for the job. Those who like escorts outcall or not, but mainly outcall, will probably find that they must wait a long time for the escort to arrive. While fairly accepted by the escort using community, it is, at the end of the day, inefficient. Transport changes relative to technology were mentioned earlier, and are also appropriate here. An ideal outcall escort would arrive the second the client arranged the meeting. But until faster transport is developed, invented, and made widely available, clients will have to wait a length of time relative to the distance and speed of the escort's mode of transport.

However, advances in transport methods might not be the only way to ensure an almost instant arrival of an outcall escort. Changes to the escort herself might also aid in the pursuit of speed. There are advances in robotics being made all the time, and is it so difficult to imagine a sci-fi-esque future where robots are designed to look, feel and behave exactly like humans? There might be some moral qualms, but they are only with every technical advancement. Even now, technology is used as much for pleasure as it is for productivity, and it does require that huge a stretch of the imagination to picture a future where those who enjoy the service of outcall escorts might have a robot in the cupboard under the stairs (or neon escalator, depending how far into the future we are imagining) that they power up whenever they want an outcall escort?

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Thursday, 26 May 2022

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