Going Green at the Office: Eco-friendly Cleaning Practices For Your Business


Green practices do not only improve a company's image to the public, but it can also help the business itself. For example, using environmentally friendly cleaning products and techniques will reduce the numbers of days off workers need to take due to work-related sickness. Since harmful chemicals were found in 64% of industrial cleaning products, switching to non-toxic, natural cleaning products will greatly benefit your business and the overall wellness of your employees and workspace while reducing your green footprint.

Green glass cleaning practices

The glasses of your offices or shops should be spotless at all times. This is key for the good appearance of your business, and also dirty glasses will reduce natural lighting and require an increased consumption of electricity for illumination. However, standard glass cleaners are known to include in their formulas very dangerous substances, such as ammonia, a toxic corrosive that has been labelled an environmental hazard. This and other chemicals deposit on the surface of your glass and then are washed away by water or rain, polluting the environment. Instead, you should implement environmentally-friendly glass cleaning practices, with non-toxic cleaners. Interestingly enough, natural glass cleaners do not leave chemical deposits on the surfaces, which in turn helps them stay cleaner for longer. These chemical deposits will not only absorb some of the sunlight, but also create an invisible coating that catches dust and other small particles. Thus, going green with your glass cleaners will help you save money by spacing out your glass cleaning schedule.

Beware of non-disclosed pollutants in air fresheners

Many companies use air fresheners in their work spaces or commercial quarters as an attempt to create a nicer environment, but few are aware of the health and environmental hazards most of these pose. A study by the NRDC revealed that 86% of air fresheners contain phthalates, even some labeled as "all natural". These are a group of chemicals that manufacturers use to stabilize the synthetic fragrances they include on air fresheners, and extend their shelf life. However, phthalates are known to cause endocrine and reproductive problems, and highly suspected to increase your risk of cancer; most air freshener manufacturers do not disclose this on the packaging. An eco-friendly and safe solution to this problem is to switch to natural air fresheners, like essential oils, or plant extracts that are just as scented as their toxic counterparts but compatible with a green business approach.

There are many levels in which green cleaning practices work for your business. They will help you protect the health of your workers (as well as your own), save money and contribute to the protection of the environment. At the same time, sustainable practices such as eco-friendly alternatives are highly regarded among the population. You can incorporate your green approach to business to your PR campaigns and your corporate image, which is very likely to boost your market presence and your popularity among your potential clients, while helping protect the environment for a better tomorrow.

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Thursday, 08 December 2022

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