The Most Occurred and Common Types of Corporate Events

Whether you're organizing a conference or a golf tournament, companies organise corporate events form event planners to bring people together to establish interpersonal relationships that couldn't exist in an organized office environment.

Here's a look at all kinds of corporate events.

Conferences and Seminars

  • Objective: Organizations plan and manage to organise these corporate events with target audiences and provide them with relevant information.
  • Description: Seminars are usually shorter events lasting from several hours to several business days. They have one or more speakers and generally keep all participants in the same place.
    On the other hand, conferences usually have many sessions. They usually take place in hotels, starting with the theme session and then offering group sessions by topic.

Trade Shows

  • Objective: Organizations often participate in trade fairs as activities leading to lead generation. Companies can also organize or sponsor trade fairs from event planners to strengthen their image as an industry leader among participants.
  • Description: Planning events at the fair includes negotiating sponsorship rates for the stand, advertising, promotion and speaking options in which the company leader can speak. The fair takes place in large spaces, presenting products and services often to hundreds of suppliers.

Incentive Programs and Executive Retreats

  • Objective: Business development and organizational planning are usually the topics of the retreat program, but equal importance is attached to pleasant activities as part of the initial incentive and reward.
  • Description: This is where companies usually spend more money per person to combine these corporate events. Executive retreats and incentive trips typically take three to five days, and planning requires attention to location, accommodation, transport, meals, business meetings, golfing and other activities.

Appreciation Events

  • Objective: Event planners organise these programs allow the event host to spend informal time with guests in a non-traditional environment. Appreciation events can include both employee encouragement programs and customer appreciation purposes.
  • Description: There are unlimited possibilities and types of recognition events organized by organizations throughout the year.
    These joint corporate events include: Dinner and theatre A day at the racetrack Apartments in sports arenas Day and evening cruises Private events at music festivals Christmas events Tickets for a popular event

Milestone of Goal Achievements

  • Objective: Company milestones give a chance to a company or organization to celebrate a grand opening or other important milestone or anniversary.
  • Description: Milestone in the company differ significantly in performance, but usually follow similar programs as events related to employee and customer recognition.

Team Building Events

  • Objective: Integration events are aimed at increasing employee confidence, goodwill and morale. These events also provide a unique opportunity for employees to spend time together in a non-work environment. Integration events are designed to do what their name says. Event planner services are really useful to reflect the teamwork on these events.
  • Description: Outdoor and physical group activities are the epitome of integration events. In fact, companies around the country specialize in organizing integration events on complex internal and external courses according to their own design. Integration events can also include workshops on emotions in the workplace, as well as sensitivity training.

Product Launch Corporate Events

  • Objective: Product launch events may include internal meetings to inform all employees about upcoming products, as well as full product launch events that cause buzzing around product release among customers and the media. Market launch events are most commonly found in companies between businesses and consumers (B2C).
  • Description: These corporate events are designed to generate media coverage and buzz in the industry prior to product release. These events may include a flashy introduction to the product along with the address of the company's top managers. The introduction of large products also seems to resemble large events with famous guests, dinners and entertainment, depending on the industry. Apple and Tesla are two companies that have refined this model.
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