Arcalion- An effective solution for Asthenia

About Asthenia

Asthenia is a poorly defined health issue classically presented as generalized tiredness and weakness and commonly includes mental and physical fatigue. The patient experiencing radiation therapy or chemotherapy may have asthenia and hence may not withstand the effects of rehabilitation as proposed according to the Medicare system (two times daily treatments as inpatients in rehabilitation units or a minimum of thrice a week in the home or outpatient setting). Other factors that may lead to asthenia are anemia (low hemoglobin), malnutrition (deficiency of vital nutrients), infection, metabolic disorders, using medicines like as methyldopa, infection medicines, heart and hypertension medicines, some metabolic steroids, some neuro or brain stimulants that come under narcotics, medicines that treat congestive heart failure, some medicines that relieve nausea, some sleep medicines and medicines that treat Alzheimer's disease. Asthenia is a factor in the rehabilitation of numerous frail patients

About Arcalion

Arcalion Tablet is a prescription prescribed by doctors only for the medical management of asthenia. Asthenia is a condition where generalized tiredness and weakness persist for the long period. This medicine Arcalion is also combined with some other drugs like memory enhancers to improve everyday activities and cognition of the patient in the advanced stage of Alzheimer's disease.

Arcalion Tablet also cures psychogenic erectile dysfunction. This medicine is to be taken with food as advised by your doctor and if any of the doses are missed, take it as soon as recalled. Skipping doses are not recommended and completing the full treatment course even on noticing improvement is necessary. If the full course is not completed the condition may further worsen. It is imperative to know that this medication should not be stopped suddenly and a doctor should be informed if any allergic reactions are developed or seen after taking this drug Arcalion.

Arcalion Tablet is most commonly used in the treatment of long term fatigue, Alzheimer's disease, and erectile dysfunction.

Most side effects do not require any medical attention and vanish as your body adjusts to the medicine. Consult your doctor if they persevere or if you're worried about them. The common side is-

• Rash
• Anxiety
• Headache

The working of this drug is not fully understood but it appears that this drug has many effects on the brain that might enhance the memory and decrease the feelings of tiredness and weakness. The most suitable dose of this drug is based on several factors like the age of the patient's health and the presence and absence of several diseases. Currently, there are no sufficient scientific reports to determine appropriate dose ranges of this drug in adults and children but it should be kept in mind that it is important and this medication is not suitable for use in children. Relevant directions and instructions on the product labels or from the doctor should be followed while using Arcalion.

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