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Reminder: Do not request private information, suggest someone should be doxxed, connect to or remark with private info, openly solicit private information, or contact the folks featured here. You'll be banned. "Did you just assume my species?!?!? I'm half-firbolg and half-halfling but recognize as the Animal Crossing Bells latter since I had been raised with this side of the family, not that it's any of your business you stereotyping bigot!"

Are you questioning my allure just because of my individuality? You understand that rolling for charm is ableist do not you? Some individuals have social anxiety that does not allow them to get a high CHA mod. You're A PIG. I bet you are a straight white male also. Racist.

Legit case in one of those Pokemon games too. You pick the girl character because her character is very....girly lmao and so she does lots of additional cutesy wootsy bullshit that takes up time when she's an NPC. The male character is quite stoic in contrast and cuts out all the excess stuff.That's just the kind of thing that is ruining D&D at the moment, you joke about it people are legally fighting Orc rights. The very concept of having a race that leans towards bad alignment in a universe where orientation is important and enforced by magic that exists in universe is racist.

Didn't they say they are removing'race' for next entries because iT wAs rAcIsT? You select your own now so you can be a powerful elf or a smart orc.

They didn't even eliminate racial bonusesthey gave you the choice to change them if you want.

The thing is, people could have been doing this anyway, but now it's in the rules for 5e. Like, among the greatest things in DnD is homebrew and tweaking the rules as you see fit. If individuals do not want bad orcs, they could just not have bad orcs in their effort, it is so simple.I listen to Not Another D&D Podcast and their effort exists in a universe where interbreeding is something for millenia, so there are no"races". Every being is a great number of distinct racial aspects.

For player characters it let the players pick one civic"course" while using their personality look however the want, and all beings are very"human-monster hybrid".

Eg. Emily's PC, Fia, is described as being violet skinned and fanged, marginally"orcish" in her face but extended and Cheap Animal Crossing Items gangly elven physique. She utilizes the racial stats of Vedalken. It is a mishmash of different descriptions that works great having a"look how you would like, but apply a race's features".

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Saturday, 03 June 2023

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