Top-rated Winter Activities in Sydney

It may be hard to believe that sunny Sydney could get cold, but come winter (June-August), temperatures often drop to a chilly 13°! We definitely do miss the longer periods of daylight and the sun basking opportunities; we're not complaining though. The city has a lot to offer around this time of the year with many festivals kicking winter off right, in the harbour city. So make the most of the off-season with fewer tourists around and enjoy Sydney's winter best. Take a look at some cool things to do around Sydney during this winter season.

If you have your qualms about being out at sea in the middle of winter, there's nothing for you to worry about. With vessels built to meet nautical standards, choose your winter special Sydney Harbour dinner cruise from a selection of the best, exclusively brought to you by Australia's premier cruise operator. There's a variety of vessels offering a wide range of dinner cruises on Sydney Harbour. Opt for either a budget dinner cruise on a luxury catamaran or a fun dinner cruise with a scintillating cabaret show or a premium glass boat dining extravaganza - all these dinner cruises allow you to get incredible Sydney Harbour views. Dining options on board these cruises include buffets, seated and served menus options too. No stone is left unturned - expect nothing less than exceptional service and amazing views of Sydney Harbour's best on a dinner cruise serving delicious food!

If you didn't already know, the Bondi Icebergs started off back in 1929 to cater to a bunch of local lifeguards' fitness needs in winter. And now into its 90th year, we should definitely respect tradition!

So jump right in - into the world's most photographed swimming pool this winter. A plus point is that there are several benefits of swimming in cold water, so it's a win-win all around. There's nothing quite like exploring Sydney's best watering holes and chugging down drinks to feel the warmth when it's cold outside. Grab your best friends and explore pubs in Sydney's most popular precincts. There's something for everyone - old-fashioned corner pubs to sophisticated bars to the oldest drinking establishments in the city.

Taste some of the best local craft beers, Australian wines, fancy cocktails alongside delicious bar grub. You already know, Sydney has one of the best pub crawl scenes worldwide. Zigzag your way through the city's pubs and have the time of your life - feeling the fuzzy warmth inside as it's cold outside!

If you're in Sydney in time for whale-watching season, this is one of those activities you definitely should not miss. You could opt for a whale-watching cruise or hike up to the most popular vantage points to catch these magnificent gentle giants of the seas. There's nothing quite as humbling as watching Humpback whales impressing us on their migratory journeys!During Winter season, there is a high probability of spotting large pods of whales migrating to the warmer waters for breeding. A whale watching tour is a wonderful way to watch these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Sydney has around 38 popular vantage points for whale watching and it wouldn't be a hard task to find the perfect spot.

Back in town on the 18th of August this year, the Sydney Tea Festival is your non-alcoholic answer to feeling the warmth inside! The festival orients you with speciality loose leaf varieties of tea and tea products - so grab a cuppa of your artisanal tea and learn everything you need to know about Australia's favourite non-alcoholic minimally-caffeinated beverage! *wink*

So brave the cold, because who are we kidding, Sydney always knows how to impress!


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