The Best Mothers Day Gifts For a Sydney Mum

It is that time of the year, where everyone must be thinking of what to give their mum on Mother's Day. We have often racked our brains to think of the best gifts that a mother deserves. But, even after a lot of thinking, we never could get past the idea that a loving mum never wanted anything more than being surrounded by her loving family. This Mother's Day, let it be a reminder that she has loved us unconditionally and consistently, and she deserves a wonderful surprise, even if she may not be expecting it. Whether you've already started planning the day or you're going to leave everything to the last minute, here are some great ideas to take note of before planning a wonderful surprise for mum.

A Dining Experience with Fam

A family that eats together, stays together! These days, it is hard to find a family that dines together as everyone runs on a busy schedule. This Mother's Day, let it be a chance to be with your family and make your mum happy. Whether you're planning to go out or prepare a wholesome meal at home, it will surely bring your family together. For those who prefer outdoor dining, we have a fancy and exciting option for you—Mother's Day cruises in Sydney. These cruises—synonymous with luxury and comfort—are a perfect venue that include a wonderful meal, entertainment options and licensed bars where you can purchase favourite drinks for your mum and the rest of the family. There are also spectacular Mother's Day dinner cruises which set up a great ambience for an unforgettable night with your family. You could also think of taking her out on a brunch at a nearby restaurant or a destination restaurant in the city.

Preparing a Mother's Day Meal at Home

Now if you're planning to cook her a meal at home, we have some amazing dishes you can cook to surprise her like never before! Since it is Autumn in Sydney, there are certain dishes that you can easily prepare at home such as a baby ricotta hotcake, a sweet dish prepared using lemon curd, fresh berries, yoghurt, maple syrup and passionfruit—this makes up for a hearty breakfast. For lunch, you may try preparing a duck breast. Try using some seasonal and special ingredients like pumpkin hummus, pickled cauliflower, star anise syrup, and oranges. This dish is surely a main meal of dreams. After all, nothing can beat the combination of the succulent duck meat cooked to perfection with the toastie flavour of pumpkin hummus and tender cauliflower. For dessert, we're thinking of a Butternut Squash, Maple & Sea Salt Tart. This is a wonderful sweet dish that features a butternut squash, maple and sea salt tart served with sour yoghurt and sweet dukkah. When it comes to ending a good meal with some sweetness, this flavour-packed dish is the real deal.

Take Her Out For a Drink

If your mum is someone who knows to hold some liquor in her system, please send us your location so that we can come over sometime with a kettle or two. Just kidding! If your mum loves getting tipsy once in a while, this Mother's Day is a wonderful opportunity to take her out for a drink. In Sydney, there are some amazing bars and pubs where she can relax and feel young again. Maybe, if she's up for it, consider pub crawling for fun. A one-on-one lunch with bubbles and a view with your mum will be a great opportunity to reconnect with her and update her about your life.

Don't miss this chance to reconnect with your beloved mum! Happy Mother's Day in advance. 

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Saturday, 03 June 2023

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