OSRS Gold​ combat the issue

The company has announced that Jagex has outlined plans to OSRS Gold combat the issue. In a blog entry with the name "The RuneScape Team", Jagex declares that "gold bought through RWT is a major issue in any online game featuring an exchangeable currency", and that although the "Anti-Cheating Team has been doing a lot in the fight against RWT sellers both in and out of the game" It will soon be adopting more aggressive measures immediately. effect.

Citing the "growing team and enhanced tools", Jagex says it will no longer be in the business of acquiring gold and resources through RWT but as well buyers. The goal is to reduce the demand as well as the supply.

Jagex says it will begin sending "messages to those whom we've found engaging to engage in"RWT" within "the coming hours". "For anyone involved, we'd like to make it clear that this is the single und only caution," the company added.

Other measures the developer might think of as punishment for RWT activities include wealth removal - essentially removing ill-gotten gains from players' accounts on a server level - and potential bans.

RuneScape's PvP element, also known as"the Duel Arena, will also have more stringent rules enforced. Jagex claims that the feature "has been a catalyst for this toxic behaviour" and that 38 per cent of bans for RWT activities up to now are due to this part to the gameplay. It claims that this equates approximately "thousands of bans every month".

In the end, the developer seems at taking the nuclear decision, and says "we're considering in the future to take this Duel Arena out of RuneScape entirely." In the meantime the game will take "some small-scale steps" to streamline PvP "until our development teams can bring major updates that completely eliminates Duel Arena next year."

They will also have a limit to the total amount GP or OSRS Gold For Sale points and players will be able to stake any match played on the Duel Arena. The players will be able to place bets "no more than 50m GP per duel". Further measures have not been provided as of now. 

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Sunday, 04 June 2023

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