6 things that need to be done before the end of lease cleaning.

When trying to recover the bond money, the state of the leased property is crucial. There is no way around the requirement to thoroughly clean the property at the end of a lease.

Before the final rental inspection, you must make sure that everything is spotless, from ceiling walls to delicate floor coverings. All property owners demand a thorough end of lease cleaning, even if other aspects of a lease agreement may change depending on the property management.

It is advisable to make advance plans and recruit qualified individuals for cost-effective bond cleaning. Your landlord will be impressed by your efforts to impress them, and you will receive your bond money back. However, before the arrival of professional cleaners, there are a few things you need to remember.

One of the most important factors is preparation, because it not only saves time but also guarantees a thorough cleaning without any problems. Here is a detailed checklist of everything you should do before move-out cleaning.

1. Dispute All Your Questions.

Do you question the cleaning service in any way? If so, get in touch with customer service and enquire about everything before their arrival. If there are any particular requirements, you can let the qualified staff know. Because your bond money is on the line, communication is essential if you're hiring an end-of-lease cleaner in Melbourne.

For instance, you could inquire about whether they clean rugs or carpets. If any questions are resolved, you can use the customised service with confidence.

2. Purge your house of clutter.

Make sure all the mess is cleared away before the arrival of the cleaners. It is a good idea to get rid of whatever you own that is useless. The primary goal is to get the place ready for a thorough bond cleaning in Melbourne. When the home is clutter-free, it becomes incredibly simple for professionals to remove dust and filth.

Make a list of the items you don't want to bring to the new location. Anything can be it, including old equipment, shoes, clothing, and more. Before the cleaning service arrives, check all of the rooms and arrange them.

Tip: If the products are in good shape but haven't been used for a while, you can throw them away or donate them to a local charity.

3. Gather all of your possessions and furniture.

Always keep in mind that while scheduling a move out cleaning service, the rental property must be vacant. Therefore, be sure to pack all of your items, including furniture, appliances, and clothes in wardrobes, as well as spoons, knives, and other culinary utensils.

You already need to pack your belongings, except those that belong to your landlord, because you're moving to a new place. To enable them to complete their tasks flawlessly, you must remove all barriers for them.

4. Keep delicate items safe.

When cleaning and wiping the property, be careful not to damage any ornaments or sensitive items you may have. You can wrap them in bubble wrap and store them in a suitcase or a cabinet. If your property manager owns any fragile items, then this is a crucial step.

5. Protect all vital documents.

Make sure to save all vital paperwork in a secure location, including insurance documents, lease agreements, and other papers with credentials. As contractors freshen up the property, keep them all in a folder to prevent loss.

6. Make Your Kitchen Shiny.

You do not need to thoroughly clean the kitchen as a result. You just need to wash and put away all of your dirty dishes. Kitchen trash and other available garbage should be disposed of.

Remove anything from your countertops as well, so that the bond cleaning professionals can work efficiently and without interruption.

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