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Instant Hacks to Fix QuickBooks Error PS038

QuickBooks is a multi-tasking accounting software that can perform several business operations in a single go to help small businesses manage their finances. The program includes a number of reports and dashboards that summarise the business's performance. QB also manages payroll and ensures that all transactions are recorded without any errors. Users may encounter difficulty while updating the payroll service, resulting in the operation being terminated. One such payroll issue that might terminate payroll updates is QuickBooks error PS038. If your QuickBooks has encountered this error and you are unable to update your payroll, read on to learn about the reasons for this issue and solutions to tackle it instantly.

Payroll errors can be difficult to resolve, and you may need the help of support, which you can get by dialing our support number +1(855)-738-0359

Let's Discuss Error PS038 in QuickBooks

This payroll update error appears as soon as you start the update or a few seconds after you launch the software after installation. Error codes will appear on your screen, and the software will unexpectedly crash. This could be the result of improper QuickBooks installation or issues due to the unsent paychecks. These checks pile up with an 'online to send' status and continue to interrupt payroll updates. These stuck checks may cause problems when you attempt to send another paycheck or download payroll updates on your computer.

Reasons that Trigger QuickBooks Payroll Update Error PS038

The following are the conditions that trigger error PS038 in the QuickBooks Desktop software:

  1. The QuickBooks installation on your PC has been damaged, or some program files are now damaged or missing from their original locations.
  2. The UAC settings prevent QuickBooks from installing new software updates.
  3. The firewall or antivirus software installed on your PC interferes with general QuickBooks operations.

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Solutions to Quickly Fix Error PS038 While Updating Payroll

Here are some options for dealing with this QuickBooks error PS038:

Solution 1: Run the Verify-Rebuild Utility to Tackle Error PS038 Instantly

This issue can occur in QuickBooks if the software fails to access or run a required file during the update because the file is corrupted or has an unsupported format. QuickBooks has a Verify-Rebuild utility to diagnose and rectify data errors automatically. To put the strategy into action, follow the procedures outlined below.

  1. Launch QuickBooks on your computer and select File.
  2. From the options on your screen, choose Utilities and then Rebuild Data.
  3. If you want to create a backup of your data, select Yes.
  4. Return to Utilities and select Verify Data.
  5. Run the process, and if there is no problem with your data, move on to the following steps. However, if the message 'Your data has lost integrity' appears on your screen, click Rebuild now.
  6. Reopen QuickBooks when the data has been repaired.

Solution 2: Employ QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to the Rescue

You can use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to troubleshoot any installation issues that are causing these problems. Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Launch the QuickBooks Tool Hub on your computer and select Installation Issues.
  2. Choose QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool and wait for the program to resolve the installation issues.


This brings us to the end of our blog, which described QuickBooks error PS038. Here, we learned about the causes of this error and the methods to eliminate it. If you have further questions, you get them answered by our experts by dialing +1(855)-738-0359. 

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