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Sage 100 Paperless Issue: Printer not activated, error code -41 or Printer not activated, error code -30

 We are getting calls from Sage 100 clients who watch an mistakewhereasendeavoring to print from Sage 100. In numerous cases, the company is making utilize of Sage's paperless office include, which permits for the printing of diaries, registers, reports, and shapes to a PDF file.

The mistake messages are regularly one of the following:

  • Error Code -41
  • Error Code -30
  • Unable to prepare the lockfile
  • Printer not activated
  • Cannot make PDF
  • PDF not made successfully
  • Prompt for a area to spare PDF

Windows overhaulsupplanting or adjusting the driver utilized for the paperless usefulness – AMYUNI – to either an contradictoryadaptation or expela few key registry organizers, which can result in this error.

The quickest way to redress paperless blunders is to reinstall the paperless driver on the influenced computer(s).

  • To reinstall the paperless driver, you must be logged into Windows as a client who is a part of the nearby Windows directorgather on the computer you are reinstalling.
  • From the Sage 100 fundamental menu, select Record – Run and sort in PL_AdvancedOptions_UI
  • From the coming aboutexchange box, you can uninstall the drivers and at that pointpressintroduce.
  • If the over steps work, you ought to see a effective test amid #3, a pdf showing up on your screen with a victory message.

Sage has a supportive knowledgebase article – What are the 5 strategies to introduce the Sage PDF Converter which givesextrachoices for introducing the Sage PDF Converter.

The Sage PDF Establishment consolidates three elements:

NOTE: Client Account Control (UAC)may avoid the establishment of the Sage PDF Converter. It is suggested that Windows 7 and Server 2008 WorkingFrameworksimpair this highlightbriefly, at that point reboot earlier to attempting any establishmentstrategy. Empower UAC after establishment is total and able to make Paperless Office PDFs

Installation of the "Sage PDF Converter" Printer protest in Windows
Establishment of the Registry Passagebeneath HotkeyCurrentConfig/Software/Sage PDF Converter
Establishment of the CDINTF300.dll (Driver) to Windows/System32 (32 bit WorkingFrameworks) or Windows/SysWow64 (64 bit WorkingFrameworks)

The easiest way to fix the Paperless error is to reinstall the Paperless driver on the affected computer.

To reinstall the Paperless driver, you must be logged on to Windows as a user who is a member of the local Windows Administrators group on the computer you want to reinstall. From the Sage 100 main menu, select File – Run and type PL_AdvancedOptions_UI.

Uninstall the driver in the dialog box that appears and click Install and Test

If the above steps work, you will know the test was successful in step 3. A PDF file will be displayed on the screen and a success message will be displayed.

Below is a short video from Sage Support showing the steps to reinstall the Paperless Office driver for Sage 100.

Sage has a helpful knowledge base article, What are the 5 ways to install Sage PDF Converter?, which provides additional options for installing Sage PDF Converter.

The installation of Sage PDF involves three parts:

Note: User Account Control (UAC) may prevent the installation of Sage PDF Converter. On Windows 7 and Server 2008 operating systems, it is recommended that you temporarily disable this feature and reboot before attempting the installation method. After the installation is complete, enable UAC to create paperless Office PDFs.

Install the Sage PDF Converter printer item on Windows
Set registry entries in HotkeyCurrentConfig/Software/Sage PDF Converter
Set up CDINTF300.dll (driver) on Windows/System32 (32-bit operating system) or Windows/SysWow64 (64-bit operating system)

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