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Why Others Investing Techniques Not to be Followed?

As a child, I used to play cricket with my father. I used to emulate his moves and techniques. It was very pleasing to the eyes, seeing my father play big shots with great skills. I just used to copy his strategies to gain success. Many a time, copying the moves of my father provided me exemplary benefits. However, there were situations, when I had to devise my own techniques or ideas to win the games from tight situations. At that point of time,...
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How High-Frequency Traders Influence the Stock Price?

It is very common for a trader to seek the shares of a company stock at a low price. But, it is not in our hands to choose stock and price of it. Still, many high-frequency traders who do high-frequency trading use some use some controversial strategies to manipulate the market by influencing the price of the stock. This, by the way, is completely unethical! One of the popular strategies used in high-frequency trading is the "layering" in stock t...
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