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Blocks Can Be Beautiful, Too!


Architecture has changed significantly in the last hundred years or so. While homes used to be uniform in design, we now we see homes with greater customizability than ever before. If you prefer to live on a block, you might not be able to customize the property from the outside, but there are still many different styles and looks available to choose from. Whether you want modern, abstract or colonial designs, there will surely be something out there to your tastes.

Where To Find It

If you want to find unique, beautiful block homes, your best place to look is in the city. Since cities are more desirable to live in (and more expensive), architects are sometimes comfortable spending more to make their city apartments look unique. However, keep in mind that in a metropolitan area, you probably won't be able to change how the outside of your building looks. If you want to do that, you will probably have to either own your own building or look for something on the edge of the city.

The inside of your block, however, is a different matter. Most city dwellings tend to embrace the modern style, which goes well with pretty much anything. In some places, renovated warehouses are even available for block living, and these buildings provide great history, rustic charm, and a pleasant industrial feel.

Select A Style

Block buildings can come in hundreds of different styles. You can find the old, rusty charm of a remodeled warehouse, the ornate stone facades of old city buildings, and the modern glass and metal structures of new construction, amongst many options in between. Regardless of what kind of style you prefer, if you look long enough and hard enough, there will surely be something out there that fits your fancy.

Nowadays, though, crisp, modern interiors seem to be the apartment style of choice, regardless of what the outside looks like. Contemporary style is unique because it can be combined with antique, rustic, or futuristic touches and still look beautiful. It's the most versatile of all the furnishing styles.

Beautifying The Block

Unfortunately, for most block-style living units, there's not much you can do to renovate the outside. If you want more windows to let natural light inside, for example, you're probably out of luck. However, depending on the rules at your flat, you may be able to change the inside. To update old, uninteresting blocks, use attractive, modern colors, sleek finishes, and furniture that fits the size of your space. If you put too-large furniture in a too-small apartment, your apartment will look and feel tiny, no matter how big it is.

While we may not be able to change the outside of our blocks, the number of options on the market today means that we don't have to. If you don't like the outer look of your block, just find one that you like better. With all of the choices available to you, you could move units every year for the rest of your life and never get bored.

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Sunday, 24 October 2021

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