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The Best Ever New Year Celebration Ideas


Hello readers!

Welcome back to my Travel Diaries.

Have you got plans for the upcoming New Year celebrations? It's almost time. You need to set up a plan for an exceptional, astounding New Year celebration. If you are working on that, I think I can help you to find some exceptionally good and unique ideas or locations to celebrate this New Year's Eve. Did you know that there are some wonderful cruising restaurants that offer spectacular new year cruises in Sydney Harbour? If you are planning to spend this New Year's Eve in Australia, let me suggest some places that are unique and pristine.

If you need to party and have fun with your group I suggest you visit Sydney Harbour. On board a New Year's Eve cruise in Sydney and enjoy the perks of an all inclusive package. You can have the best sight of Sydney Harbour wonders like Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the spectacular New Year's Eve fireworks show. You will also be able to enjoy the New Year's Eve special menu, unlimited Australian sparklings, and wines.

I also have another destination to talk about if you are planning to spend your New Year in Western Australia. Give a short ride from Kalbarri to Pink Lake. Yes, I'm not heard me right. There is a Pink Lake that appears in pink if weather conditions are good and stable. Actually there are more than one in Western Australia. I don't know, but there is something that keeps the West so unique. You can choose this spot if you want to spend your New Year's Eve in a special and unique way. It would be peaceful, calm, and unwonted. Carry a polarising lens along with your camera for better experience. Esperance would give the best view of Pink Lake on sunny days. Once I went to Port Gregory, which lies near to the Hutt River on Western Australia's coral coast. You can spot unique coral formations and have opportunities for fishing, windsurfing, and diving there. The pink lake in Port Gregory is known as Hutt Lagoon that spreads almost 70 square kilometres with a pink eye.

Do you know how a lake turns pink? The pink colour is generated due to the presence of an algae called Dunaliella salina that produces carotenoid. The Hutt Lagoon acts as a source of colouring agent in food and makeup. Make advantage of the pink background and click some amazing pictures with your friends and family.

And I need to warn you that, depending on the time, season, and amount of cloud above, the colour changes. The lake will be brighter in spring and summer and you can spot certain locations that are quite pink in colour if the clouds do not act as a barrier. Imagine spotting a pretty pink lake. Will that be fascinating and tempting?!

New Year is always about starting fresh, erasing all bad moments that ever happened. If you are looking for a place that can make you mentally and physically ready to invite the first day of a New Year, I think you can definitely try to be in a serene place where you can just drop off whatever baggage that you are carrying.

Let me know if you have other locations to spend a New Year's Eve in your bucket list. I believe these two suggestions are unique and worth exploring. You can definitely have an uncommon and memorable experience whilst visiting Western Australia. 

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Sunday, 24 October 2021

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