Top Christmas Party Venues around Australia.

Have you fixed any location to celebrate this upcoming Christmas Eve with your family and friends? If not, I can suggest some overlooked and unique locations and some fabulous activities to do around Australia to make it an unforgettable party experience.

Scenic Cruise at Sydney Harbour

Sydney, Australia's most populous and famous city can be addressed as the most visually arresting place with spectacular views of man-made modern masterpieces, lush green gardens, and peaceful inner city suburbs. Sydney Harbour is one among the highly recommended corporate Christmas party venues around Sydney. Throw a party for your colleagues or workmates and enjoy your 'no-work day' to the fullest. Head over to the harbour and catch sight of the famous Sydney Harbour attractions such as the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Get on board an authentic paddlewheeler, a premium glass boat vessel, or an ultra-modern budget-friendly catamaran offering stunning harbour views, freshly cooked food, and value bar packages from the fully licensed bar on board. Make your day memorable and click some amazing photos in the background. A Sydney Harbour cruise offers both food and cruise in one go and turned out as one of the most desired Christmas party venues in Sydney.

World-class Museums in Melbourne

Museums can be identified as locations where culture and heritage are preserved for the present and future generations. Spend your Christmas holiday in Melbourne and try to learn its history and culture. You can definitely explore and encounter the culture and legacy of a place whilst visiting its Museums and Art Galleries. Try to visit important museums and permanent exhibition centres at Federation Square in Melbourne and the famous National Gallery of Victoria presenting some incredible works of the great artists of all time such as Picasso, Andy Warhol, etc. You can also get into the Australian Center of the Moving Image where one can spot art images and classic cinemas of Australia. You can learn more about Australian culture, particularly the Melbourne spirit from these places.

Eat & Drink at Howard Smith Wharves in Brisbane

Howard Smith Wharves is a modern waterside with various cafes, restaurants, and breweries. It can also be seen as an indoor and outdoor public space where you can spend your leisure time embracing the warmth of Brisbane's tropical climate along with a glass of sparkling. It was established in 1935 and brought back the life of many old wharf buildings that were inaccessible and underappreciated. Spend your Christmas eve in the wharf and party with your friends and family in popular destinations. Howard Smith Wharves is a pioneer in Brisbane attaining a Heritage site status by the National Trust. You can also enjoy a great view of the city skyline from its pedestrian boardwalk.

Walk through Fraser Island, Queensland

Fraser Island, located just off the souther-eastern coast of Queensland is regarded as the largest sand island on the planet. This UNESCO World Heritage site can be accessed through a boat ride from Hervey Bay. You can see kilometers of beautiful pristine beaches, more than 40 kilometers of sand cliffs, and lush green rainforests that are characterised as major island attractions. There is a lake called 'Lake Mckenzie' commonly addressed as the perched lake located in the Great Sandy National Park. The unparalleled beauty of Lake MacKenzie is often identified as one of the astonishing features of Fraser Island. There are more than 300 species of birds on the island. We can spot some short-necked turtles and a variety of fish swimming through the crystal clear water of this lake. The lake also has a history revealing its medicinal properties whether it is true or not. Try visiting Fraser Island during your Christmas holidays and indulge in the beauty of its pretty skyline and clear water. 

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