Four Fantastic Locations to Celebrate 2022 New Year’s Eve

Have you ever been captivated by a country or location that is so beautiful and consuming? Do you miss going there with your travel companions? Stop for now. It is time to bid goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022 in style. Get your bags ready and head over to the locations to celebrate this upcoming New Year's Eve.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney, the capital of the state of New South Wales is a gracious city with enviable quality of lifestyle and abundant natural attractions. I have some great suggestions in hand if you have any plans to enjoy a New Year's Eve dinner in Sydney with your family, friends, or with your beloved. Let Sydney Harbour, one of the main tourist attractions in Sydney housing iconic landmarks such as the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, and Luna Park lure you in. NYE cruises on Sydney Harbour is quite a luxury experience that is unparalleled around the globe. Get on board a premium glass boat vessel offering unobstructed views of harbour and midnight fireworks along with freshly prepared deluxe 5 course seated and served menu, premium beer, wine, and house spirits with an all-inclusive package for 7 hours.

Las Vegas, US

New Year's Eve would be an ideal time to experience Las Vegas as a real sin city. The night city routine in Las Vegas is an unmatched experience compared to the so-called best nightlifes amongst the world. It is hard to prioritize the best ones but I can definitely help you to plan your New Year's Eve celebration unforgettable with your buddies. Las Vegas is actually an interesting mix of various entertainment grounds perfect for all groups and honestly, the place is not just about gambling and partying. There is a thing called Las Vegas Explorer Pass that can help you to explore Vegas at a lesser price. You can kick start your trip with a helicopter sightseeing night tour. Take your New Year trip to the next level and make it extra grand with a glass of champagne.

Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca City is the most vibrant and one of the largest cities in Mexico that can consume you. The city is intoxicating and unusually beautiful with new-age original artisans, rich indigenous culture, and great cuisine. Let your New Year's Eve be in the mountain-flanked Oaxaca Valley, housing two UNESCO heritage-listed sites. You can explore artist communities, go hiking, biking, and sight seeing. No tour would be complete without any interaction with its local taste and people. Try not to miss the modern take on special indigenous and colonial cuisine from a high-end rooftop restaurant. Explore the street life of the native population, their culture, and authentic cuisine. A 30min trip from the center of Oaxaca City will lead you to the isolated Yagul Ruins, locally known as "Pueblo Viejo", an archaeological site associated with the Zapotec civilization of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. Don't forget to step out and capture the views in your camera roll.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is often described as the vibrant capital, beautiful cosmopolitan, cultural, and economic center of Sweden. Stockholm has a rich history to tell. If exploring and encountering the cultural and historical legacy is more your speed, try to visit wealthy museums and galleries in the city. Taste some of the classic Swedish cuisine with contemporary twists. Like how you had a pass in Las Vegas, buy a discount card called Stockholm Pass that can actually help you to see and explore more, on a budget. Don't you dare to miss the Stockholm Royal Palace, the official residence of His Majesty of Sweden, which is open to the public. Let your New Year's Eve be a bit extraordinary. 

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Sunday, 28 November 2021

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